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byassetadmins, November 10, 2012
Encrypt configuration
Perfect solution for our needs. We are now running this on every website we have. Thank you so much for your hard work on this extension!
byassetadmins, August 13, 2012
Freestyle Testimonials
Does a great job, exactly as I had hoped. A few noteworthy issues though:
1) In order to fully use this you must purchase their Freestyle Support for $29. Personally I bought the Freestyle Support because I wanted it though and it works fantastic!
2) It would be nice if there was more control over the scrolling of the module. Maybe I missed something but I cannot find where to control the scrolling speed. As it is it tends to scroll a little fast. Also I am not real fond of the "backwards" scrolling after it has reached the end. Would be beter in my opinion if it continuously scrolled through in one direction.

All in all a great piece. Thank you !
byassetadmins, May 9, 2012
JCal Pro
MOST of the time upgrades are better than their predecessors however in the case of Jcal 3, nothing could be further from the truth. Simple things such as days of the week displaying when I select it not to, or THE UGLY DEFAULT THEME that the Devs REFUSE to tell anyone how to customize, and some useful features such as old popup event has now been Taken away.

Long story short, I AM INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED with the Devs, the help although not rude, is useless when you really want to know something. The forums are moderated to the point that useful information is blocked/closed or removed by the Devs... all in an attempt to make us buy a more expensive upgrade package... one that still will not have nice themes NOR the ability to customize. DONT BUY. DEVS... POST A LINK TO A METHOD TO UPDATE THE THEMES IF I'M WRONG. I will not be paying anymore for your products, thanks. Thought Joomla was all about open source... WRONG HERE!
Owner's reply

Hello and i'm sorry the product was not right for you. Unfortunately, I cannot locate your support threads with the information you have provided.

However, I would say that the new theme system in JCal Pro is superior in nearly every way. Themes can be installed in the Joomla installer as a normal extension. Themes can be modified directly in the following location:


If you have a custom theme, you'll want to create a unique theme for yourself otherwise you will lose your changes when u upgrade.

To NOT lose changes, we suggest then that u actually use HTML overrides to edit the views. This is method is not affected by upgrades.

We certainly are not worried about up-selling upgrade packages with premium themes. However, our support is not a custom programming service either. If you don't have the skills to edit PHP for example, you'll want to hire an expert to perform those changes.

Finally, we have a 30-day refund policy. Please contact customer service if you still desire one.


Victor Drover
Anything Digital

byassetadmins, March 19, 2012
This is an incredible extension and worth every penny. Kudos to the debs for the continued work which now includes retweet, like, google+ and LinkedIn. This extension was easy to install and very intuitive. It just works. Only one thing could I suggest, twitter is by far more popular than LinkedIn, any chance you have a twitter login up and coming? Thanks again for an excellent extension :)
byassetadmins, February 23, 2012
Go Mylo Countdown
This module is incredibly well done. Dev has has obviously put much thought and effort into. NICE JOB and THANK YOU!