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byatlantisfernreisen, March 3, 2011
RAXO All-mode PRO
"limited only by your imagination" is a realistic slogan for this module. Simple but powerfull at the same time. I installed the module with the default template 10 times on different positions on the frontpage and the site loads as fast as ever. The additonsal templates are fabulous but the 3 built-in templates give you enough flexibility to meet your needs and imagination.

Keep it up Raxo !
byatlantisfernreisen, December 19, 2010
Form2Content LITE
This is by far the most verstile cck. The article templating facility is superb and a must have if you have to handle large amounts of articels. Support ist excellent adn their custom work is professional. I can only recommend them.
byatlantisfernreisen, November 11, 2008
css2switch Basic
Comming from Dreamweaver i felt lost having no control over the formatting of my articles. WYSIWYG-editors have but very little formatting capability. With this component i have the luxury of formatting anything i want. You have to be very specific in targeting your html inorder to avoid mix-up with the site-template-html. The only problem i havent solved yet is that css statements for print seem to be ignored but i am not sure where this is coming from.

Keep it up guys ! Looking forward for enhancements !
byatlantisfernreisen, November 7, 2008
JSN ImageShow PRO
If you want an imageshow dont look any further.
Go straight for the pro version and within minutes (no joke) you have a professional image show. Use on different modules on one page is also possible. Smart guys at JSN . Their one nad only template is so good documented that youll get a seasoned in joomla while installing and configuring the template.