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byauga72, December 31, 2012
SP Image Rotator
I would give 10 Stars for the simpleness of the module. No too many settings. Just select the picture folder and the size you want the image to display, it just does the job.

I love it..! Weldone developer..!
byauga72, December 31, 2012
I have used this editor for years now. JCE has never ever had let me down. It has been always my favourite Editor.

However, I upgraded one of my sites from J1.5 to J2.5 using jUpgrade.
After the upgrade I installed JCE editor for 2.5, but the editor would not show up.

Checked on the Forum, found the answer :-)

When you upgrade, jUpgrade doesn't set the RIGHTS correctly due to the nature of J2.5.
So, you have to set the RIGHTS for the DEFAULT profile in the JCE Control Panel.

For a moment I thought JCE had let me down, but as always it was NOT JCE error.
And I found the answer from the Forum for the issue too.

Guys, what else can you expect from a FREE useful component?

I would humbly request everyone, before you write a negative review, just understand the problem and read the Forum.
Because your negative comment can ruin such a nice hard work of this component owner.

Ryan, I salute you for the excellent component. You deserve 10 Stars for your generosity..!
Simple Image Gallery
I wish I could give 5+ Stars for this plugin. They have not even published this for Joomla 2.5, but I have a proof its working on 2.5.

If you wanna a proof, check out the link below.

Wonderful work..! Wel done
Owner's reply

Yes, the plugin already supported Joomla! 2.5 but we had not updated this page (and we just did)! Cheers!

byauga72, May 27, 2010
Admin Bar Unlocker
No other word other than excellent. Very well thought and every Joomla Administrator should have it and would love it too.

The only thing that I would expect it to do;
When you are editing an Article, in-case if you had clicked on the menu without holding the SHIFT /CTRL key, there should be a warning message.

The message could be
"Do you want to save the changes you have made to the Article before navigating away from this window, Click YES to SAVE, NO if you don’t want to save.
Currently it just switches to anything you are choosing from the menu and any modifications done to the Article will be lost.

Other than that it’s very useful if you are in any other window / module or Component.
Owner's reply

I'm trying to keep it simple ;)

I have created many Joomla websites now and I have almost tried every Extension in here. Now I am doing a complicated and many FORMs needed website for a holiday company called in Sri Lanka.

I have tried all the FORM builders (extensions) here to fulfil the complicated need that I have now for a booking form with calculations. So many heavy and large extensions are here, which are so complicated and ultimately you end up with frustrations.

BUT now I am a happy MAN as I was able to use this amazingly easy and simple technology “BreezingForms: Trinity“.

This is an ANY-IDIOT can understand tool and the 3 different options (Quick Mode, Easy Mode and Classic Mode) is an excellent LOGIC included in this extension make so much life easy as according to your need and made my life too.

If you are a Programmer, then you have the option of adding any kind of coding you need.

Especially the latest upgrade 1.65 with “Summarizer” can do any kind of calculations between two or more fields and also the best option of this is: concatenating the TEXT with the numeric fields.

Me NOW as an experienced Joomla website builder, I would not recommend any other Form builders/extensions other than “BreezingForms: Trinity“ for its simplicity.

Also the support by Markus Bopp is something extra ordinary, which anyone would agree whomever, had subscribed with him.
I was amazed and moved when he helped me when he was on his holiday; away from his home.

I know many are looking for a holiday booking/reservation Extension here to automate the booking for their holiday websites and me too till I found “BreezingForms“.
The only available holiday booking extension is HBS for Joomla, which is NOT compatible with Joomla1.5 and the Price is US$600/-

Guys, believe me…! Don’t waste your money on anything else….!
Just buy the subscription for US$15/- (for 3 Months) which is peanut and build any kind of complicated forms with calculations for your website. Then you could extend the subscription if you need more support.

Amazing part of this 3 months Subscription is:
You COULD download all the extensions from Markus’s website ( any number of times and you are eligible for support too.

Step-by-step Video Tutorials in English are available for all the options in the “BreezingForms | Trinity“
But, if you are STUCK and if you don’t know to achieve what you have in your mind; then just ASK Markus..! He will basically teach you and take you through to achieve what you need.

You could imagine, how happy man I am to write a Review as above..!

Truly, I could give much more than $15/= & more Stars ****** for this tool and support.
Thank you Markus..!

byauga72, July 21, 2009
Downloaded it, installed it, Configured it with the main menu, Created a Site Map link on the footer menu. All these I did within 6 miniuts.

The nice looking TREE like thing (site map) on the site published.

What an excellent tool. No words to express.

Thank you very much and Good Luck guys..!
byauga72, July 3, 2009
I never knew there is a tool as this to watch live while people accessing your website; what they browse and from where they accessed your site ect.

But one day while I was working on my Joomla site, I just thought that it would be handy if you have a tool as above and decided to search.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw. I just downloaded JoomlaWatch and installed it.

Guys, I can bet none of you will be disappointed and you will surely donate toward this project.

One of the top-class extensions I found here.

Just a little doubt;
I am not sure how an extension becomes an Editor’s pack or Popular one in the site..!
However, my doubt is: how-come “JoomlaWatch” is not an “Editor’s pack or Popular one”
Is there anything better than “JoomlaWatch” for checking the stats?

I would give 10 / 10, but I was allowed only 5/5.
Excellent work guys. You surely deserve a donation..!
byauga72, June 10, 2009
Akeeba Backup
The word Excellent is a bit lower expression than you mention on this comment.

I am really pleased and I couldn’t believe the way it worked with no errors on such a complicated website like mine.

Though I am not an expert or an advanced user of Joomla 1.5, last one month I have been working on Joomla extensions and gained loads of experience, also I have so many Modules, Components and Plugins installed in my Server. After practicing/checking every extension, I uninstall the bad and keep the good. This is one of the reasons I said my website is complicated.

But guys, believe me; this is an excellent, fabulous component what I have found in the Joomla extensions website. No wonder they are on the top range. More than everything; it’s free.
There are some simple (very rarely used) tools, M, C, P are made as commercial, but this many thousands of dollars worth software is given free is an amazing point to think about.

This project is surely worth a donation. I will surely donate as soon as my Credit card is sorted out.

Guys, IF you are running an important website and a responsible person to manage a Joomla website; you would know the WORTH of this software.

I just want to encourage you guys to donate and support this project as much as you can.

I wish GOOD LUCK to the JoomlaPack team.

Vinaora Visitors Counter
I just cannot believe that I got exactly what I wanted for my site.

I had an argument today with someone who is selling properties in his website regarding a counter as yours on a site is very important to show detailed information to promote his website and he said that he cannot find one.

Its amazing when I came home and searched I got yours and that’s exactly I wanted.

Thanks for your good work mate. Its works so well.