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byavant32, August 13, 2010
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Component is perfect shopping cart but is very complicated for non-developers. More than 50 modules, plugins and more - one wrong combination and result is white screen. Guys you must have some quick start (files plus database) for normal users with all well configured.
Owner's reply

We do actully offer to login and fix any starting mistakes go through your config if you happen to misconfigure something for all subscribers :)

Beyond that - yes - redSHOP can be used to do so much more than any other webshop component for Joomla - and if you start taking all of the features in use then it will of cause be a bit more complex to configure everything correctly - simply be cause redSHOP offers so much more :)

Finally - the white screen happened in 1 combination of config settings which was solved with the 1.0.26 release so it can happen again, so i guess thats not really an issue at the point of the approval of your review.