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byavengerxp, September 15, 2014
Skype Status AJAX refresh
What a lovely extension.. Had it running and showing my skype status in no time. It's free, i can easlily change icons and it works!! Kudos
byavengerxp, August 12, 2014
Site Lock
I was so worried about letting the development build go live, just for the client to see the progress. Joomla does not help much in locking the entire site. Found this software and it's a godsend! lock the live site in a click and create users for login... no joomla user creation!! Thank you and keep up the good work..
byavengerxp, August 6, 2014
Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore
Thank You. I was searching for a gallery function with sortable tags... my savior!!
byavengerxp, August 1, 2014
CoalaWeb Traffic
Thanks for the wonderful extension. Neat and to the point. I wanted to have a track of my site visitors... Thanks a lot
byavengerxp, August 1, 2014
Awesome Social Links Sidebar
I will give you 5 but, Google+ didn't pick my site as having the link placed with the module on. but still I have it on my site and add it on every site I do. Excellent documentation, easy back-end, and clean elegant design... and it's FREE! Thanks a lot...
byavengerxp, July 24, 2014
Code 7 Responsive Slider
Took me 2 minutes to install and get this running. Responsive to any size and once you pick the images you got a couple of options. Easy and simple.. recommend it to anyone...
byavengerxp, May 4, 2013
Event Gallery
Found your plugin to be the ONE solution for my stock art image gallery. all the functions i need. Thank you for making this FREE. kudos!
byavengerxp, October 20, 2012
HOT Login
A very needed module to my site.. I wanted a hidden log in area and this plugin just does that! recommended to any one who is looking for a clean front end log in. and it's stylish. Thank you
byavengerxp, August 5, 2012
Lof ArticlesSroller
FREE! Awesome Simple ad NEAT!

just the thing if you need something very cool to scroll your articles in a very nice way!

thank you devs. had it up and running in no time
byavengerxp, July 15, 2012
Glassy Menu
Very nice indeed! i was looking for something that added interactivity to my site!

and this gave me a very nice menu, and the best thing is that i dont want to asign a menu item, but create my own custom menu set with internal and external links!

thanks developer!
byavengerxp, July 15, 2012
Flexi Contact
this plugin must be renamed to eazycontact! installation is a breeze, you define the fields and boom it's just simple as that! no backlinks or what ever!

thank you developer!!
byavengerxp, July 8, 2012
I will give 6 stars!!

Just what i was looking for, I was so worried about this, as many will have no clue for back-end, but the ones know will have it in no time!!

simply install and define your value!! your set!! Thank you.
byavengerxp, July 3, 2012
I was searching a way to ad user interactivity to articles on my site and stumbled upon this. Even though it's the free version and shows a link, this is the neatest interface i have seen on a joomla component.

works great the front end and back end is perfectly thought and coded!

why i gave 4 stars! you guys should make a question and answer module!! please!!
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for your kind words and support!

The questions-and-answer component was long been available at our site. It's called EasyDiscuss and it is also listed in the JED. Feel free to explore more about EasyDiscuss.

byavengerxp, June 30, 2012
Although joomla 2.5 is perfect!, it is missing a random article display module, and this little neat module answers just that problem. had no problem installing and had it working in less than a minute.

you can select more than one category and it starts to display random list of articles each time. Thank you developer
byavengerxp, August 7, 2010
Easybook Reloaded
No big fuzz, just the thing, simple and plain. like the simplicity of the component.

well done.
Owner's reply


byavengerxp, January 6, 2010
Thank you for giving me such an editor.....out of words to comment on this one..
byavengerxp, January 5, 2010
R3D Floater
Hello there,
I got the module working after reading the instructions carefully. A great mod and thanks a lot...