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byavesovum, September 27, 2014
Scarcity Bar
This is a great module and does exactly as advertised. This module could be improved by adding a font changer, to allow for site consistency.
byavesovum, February 18, 2014
JRealtime Analytics
I would have give this 5 Stars if a IP blocking function had been added. This would give you more accurate results, as I visit my website at least 20 times a day, so the ability to block my IP from stats would have been better.
Owner's reply

Just as an update for all users and thanks also to your suggestions and features request, in the current released version 2.0, an advanced system to manage exclusions has been developed. Now it's possible exclude users by:
-Single IP address
-Range of IP addresses
-Exclude specific pages
-Exclude specific usergroups

byavesovum, January 27, 2014
Disabling Right Click
Works as described but brakes javascript with yootheme templates.
byavesovum, September 20, 2012
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DPCalendar Lite
This is a great idea but trashed my site on intall, and my site did meet the requirements. Luckily i back up everyday so did't cause a major problem. Warning if your going to try this extension. Backup first then install.
Owner's reply

Instead of giving us a bad review you should try to ask for help in the forum where our team does an excellent job helping people in trouble. We have over 15'000 downloads a month and you are the first one who reported that the whole site break down. We hope you are getting in touch with us to sort out the problem....

byavesovum, September 18, 2012
Facebook Like Promotion
This is a great idea and it works as described, but they forgot to mention that it loads on every page of the site even when you have registered your facebook like. In other words worthless and a waste of $10.
Owner's reply

It works really Good you can check the demo and integrated very well with your facebook business page and joomla .

Its a module so you can enable it on any page so "it loads on every page of the site" is not true , is you assigned module in every page then it will load in every page else it will load in specific page .

Module is very worthy and deserves every single penny of it as you can see our previous reviews . Thanks anyways .

byavesovum, August 6, 2012
Social Master
Don't waste your money as I have. This module simply does not work. Does not display any social buttons. What more can I say, load of rubbish.
Owner's reply

Works fine all 11 buttons, and demo is available in our website. Support link is plain and visible also at the website, please issue a support request, we will be happy to help.

byavesovum, July 12, 2012
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Improved AJAX Login & Register
This is definately the best login module for Joomla. This module give me the ability to seamlessly intergrate into my site. It has the ability to change all of the css colours and more with a very intuitive interface. It looks as if it had been written specifically for my sites. Its ellegant, powerful, fast and the support was in lightening time. Fastest support ive ever had off a developer. This module is way underpriced at $10. These guys rock. Keep up the good work.
byavesovum, July 16, 2011
I only wish I could give this component 10 stars.

I have looked at some of the other booking components on Joomla extensions, and they don't even come close to Abpro.

I rate my competency level using Joomla as intermediate. You do not need to be an expert to use ABpro.

I have been testing and configuring Abpro for the last 6 month before my website went live, but this component can be used straight out of the box. I just prefered to have everything perfect in the way of customisation, css etc.. before launch.

I have configured abpro to fit exactly around our service industry business and have to say works flawlessly.

Rob Stevens the developer has given me first class support via their forum. I started 28 different threads on their forum with configuration questions etc.. and all 28 were answered and resolved withing 24 hours.

Rob surely does know this component inside out, I'm sure he doesn't sleep.

The component is very easy to use and very intuitive, this is a must if your business require's online booking and I can't think of a business this couldnt be used for.

When my support and update subscription runs out I will surley be renewing to keep up with the new additions Rob has planned for this component.

Bravo Rob, This component can only get better.

I anticipation of the next release.


byavesovum, April 10, 2011
This is a great extension and for the people this extension works for is a testament to the developers. Unfortunately this extension is not compatible with Acesef, for this reason we have had to bin ExtendedReg and write off the purchase price. We did contact their support and they identified that the problem was a compatibity issue between the two extensions. We could not give this extension any more than 3 stars for this exact reason. This is the only extension we know of that is not compatible with Acesef. Perhaps the developers of ExtendedReg should compile a list of incompatible extensions before anyon else looses money, which in my language is VOODOO.
byavesovum, November 6, 2010
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Well guys you have let yourselves down. You have a great component but your support is very poor. When i mean poor i mean it doesn't exist. Im very dissapointed with you as developers. Also this component does not support SEF urls (Search Engine Friendly) which is a complete waste of time and money. What is the point in having a faqs page if it isnt indexed correctly by Google. Now because ive given these guys a very poor review, I would like to bet they reply to this. Shame they cant reply to their support tickets and forum questions. 2/10
Owner's reply

We don't provide support on weekends. On working days, We will promptly respond to all the questions within few hours.

Also, I have seen you here leaving a bad reviews for many extensions. I can see from your profile, Giving a bad review is your habit.

First of all I would give this extension 10 stars if i could.

A few month back I purchased SEO-Generator who also developed this component. I was so impressed with SEO-Generator I had no hesitation in purchasing Article Generator. I had a few problems at first but I have to say Matthias answered my email for help within minutes and even fixed the problem for me. The support you receive is first class and Im very excited about this developer on his future Joomla extensions. Article Generator to date is the best extension ive used and is worth 10 times what i paid for it.

Well done matthias you are very innovative and keep up the good work. Do this guy a favour for the small amount of money you pay, nominate this extension for editors pick.

Tony B a very happy web designer.
byavesovum, August 11, 2010
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
Why do you advertise this extension as non commercial which i presume you mean is free.

And when i register and try to download it asks for a subscription payment. Very Poor way to drum up business and your registration process gave me a headache.
Owner's reply

Ofcourse the product is FREE and tons of users are downloading it everyday from our website.

The problem in your case, is that, your account was pending activation by email, which was sent to you after registration. You never bothered to click on the link to activate your account, until when, obviously you will be denied access to downloads for this free product. We are doing this to protect spam registrations and we cant help it, if you feel this is giving you a headache. It is necessary for us to run a spam free site.

We help our customers in many ways - online chat support, email support, forum support and you still do not seem to have thought about using any of them, to find out why your account was pending activation!. Infact the message clearly says why it is and you never seem to have read it properly too.

byavesovum, July 24, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
This module can be compared to the God of all modules "And before all you religious types bombard this review accusing me of Blasphemy" I just can not think of another word to rate this module.

The creators are brilliant and I would give this 10 stars if I could. Its flawless and does exactly what it says on the box.

If you are having problem placing modules then this extension is exactly what your looking for.

Keep the good work up guys I will be making a donation for your efforts.