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Updated my joomla and loadposition stopped working even though loadmodule was still enabled. Fought with it for an hour before installing this.

BAM! Fixed.
byavkeele, January 31, 2014
To have Virtuemart number sensibly with a normal sequential numbered format:

1. Install Plugin
2. Configure plugin as "User defined"
3. Enter the number of "N"s corresponding to the number of digits you want in your order number. NNNNNN = 6 digit order numbers.
4. Enable the plugin.

Done. The plugin automatically starts order numbering using the natural sequence already established. We already had 318 orders on record, so this plugin numbered our next order at 000319. Sweet.

A nice non-commercial free alternative to the for-pay plugin already on the market.

byavkeele, April 5, 2012
The player itself fails to load properly in IE9. The controls don't show up, and there is no way to even try to play the video. Tried it on two different laptops with default browser security settings.

Loads fine and plays mp4 video fine in Firefox, so I know the player and video are configured properly.

Standard HTML5 player plays video in both browsers fine, but is ugly player ;).

Can't use this player.