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byavril_hansen, September 22, 2012
This extension works really well, and does a job many of us find quite difficult, but yet important.

Moving stuff around, or just renaming a menu item can be something you want to do for many reasons, but existing links and google might need some help figuring out what is going on. This extension is a powerfull need-to-have extension in those cases.

I need to mention that the support is friendly and extraordinarily good.

A big thanks to Luigi for making things a bit easier.
A lot of joomla users, i expect, is in it for the ease of site management that joomla offers. My client calls me and says "hey i would like a site with some webshop, image gallery and it should play video!" - i say no problem mister! - is tomorrow allright?

When a client calls and says "hey, i need a site where users can put in data and have i shown in a sortable list" i have to say "well... i need another couple of days to build a brand new site from bottom up, because my chosen CMS doesn't do special requests...

Well - thats a bit on the edge, but to be honest. I have been coding for many years and i can not work with that joomla MVC crap!! - Its SO complicated and there are WAY to many files and WAY to much work, to complete some jobs that often would have been done with just some php, mysql and a little jquery...

And here comes Jumi! - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I am able to create my own little component handling my own little thing without any problems through Jumi. I can write code as i am used to, and interact with joomla, when i want to. Often i find myself writing a couple of scripts to solve a problem, in stead of searching for a component, that can be tweaked to "sort of" match my request!

Working with Jumi is wonderful, and even my more complex projects has become considerably easier to complete.
byavril_hansen, May 28, 2012
mavik Thumbnails
This is the one extension that i wouldn't be build a site without. It's just easy and works perfectly.

... also on 2.5

A very big thank you for making this :)
byavril_hansen, February 26, 2012
Udja Comments
If you would like you users to be able to comment articles on your site, this is definatly a great addition to the site. It works really well, and administration is quite easy to overlook :)

I made a translation to my danish site (just changed the relevant text in the english translation and duplicated the files and folders with da-DK naming)

After that, this was just, plug and play. Alteration of looks was done real easy with css (use forebug to identify the needed class and id names).

In a couple of hours, it was running. Its pretty smooth.

I tried out to different extensions for this purpose, the other one supports Akismet and you can flip comments on and off on each article iff you would like that. That feature is pretty powerfull on a newssite like mine! - Nonetheless, i wen't running with this one.

So far im happy :)
byavril_hansen, December 18, 2011
This extension really does it's job very well, and i have been generally happy working with it.

I have been developing/building a portal for about 6 months now, and this extension is one of the cornerstones of the site. I bought the paidsystem configuration and it has been a pleasure installing and putting it to use. The backend provides all the control you may need to setup your classifieds section :)

I have had my problems with the customization though. Eg I had to redo most of the danish translation to get some functions right. I have also had many hours of fun figuring out how to make changes to the display of the ads. It's not that easy to change the appearence of ads beyond the css changes.

... But
I have to mention that support has been an excellent experience where Thomas Pappin and Perry has responded quickly - sometimes late at night and even in weekends! - Even if it has been some specific changes to core functionality, and not really bugs.

I am very happy with my purchase and will not hasitate to recommend this extension! :)