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byawalsadja, September 6, 2013
JM News Pro
Easy and WOW.
This kind of extension is the reason for me staying with Joomla.
byawalsadja, March 4, 2013
Simple Random Quotes
When using internal source, every words after the - (minus) sign is rendered as Author. Even it is written between "Double Quotes". I hope the developer fix this bug immediately.

Thank you
byawalsadja, March 1, 2013
Switch Editor
It is actually placed out of the box.
And I thought, this tool will re-load the page, but its not.

Awesome works.
Thank you so much
byawalsadja, February 5, 2013
TCVN Image Gallery
Hi, I'm using ContentBuilder Component and this plugin is the only one compatible with it. Since I can include image path individually instead of using image folder.

Thank you..
byawalsadja, December 13, 2012
testing it in ten minutes, heading back to JED page and here it is, 5 stars.

why? because this extension is simple and easy to customize. i believe this will suits to all my joomla site.

byawalsadja, November 14, 2012
Slideshow CK
Five stars is not enough.
Honestly, as a non-commercial extension, this extension is surprised me.

Give it a try. I bet you will agree with me.
byawalsadja, September 19, 2012
EXT Scrollbar images
I love the display and the elastic effect on scrolling.
The configuration is simple and easy, except I have to sum all of my images width :D
I hope I can insert pictures with different widths.

Added to my fav.
byawalsadja, November 28, 2011
Joo ReCaptcha
I am using this plugin for my several joomla project. Its simple, easy and works as I imagine.

But something just happen that maybe not expected by the developer. I set my site to offline to test some configuration. And when I tried to login (from frontend), the error message appears.
"ReCAPTCHA Text Error"
Whereas no reCapthca form there. So I had to disable this plugin that time.

Thank you
Owner's reply

You have right, we didnt expect to that situation
Offline front login is also a login form and part of com_user
We will add recaptcha form to offline login and I expect any other sugestion on our forum.

Lot of thanks for all reviews!

byawalsadja, November 22, 2011
I have changed many times using this kind of component.
Another free component has its limitations. But in ContentBuilder, the limitations are on me.
Glad the forum suport helped me promptly.
Thank you Markus & totallnet.
byawalsadja, December 10, 2010
Latest News+ Date
Exactly what i need. Displaying time and newest article title.
I wish i could limit the number of title character.
Thank you