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Frontend-User-Access (lite)
Needed a simple way to allow a handful of "registered" clients to login and see their private info.

Thanks to Carsten, after getting my act together with the config difficulty I had, my free FUA, is now working fine on my site.

End result: site works correctly, and clients can login, click a "registered-only" menu button, see their own unique page.

Nice product. Solved the login-access issue.
byawilcox, February 6, 2011
EasyTable Pro
After hunting for months to find some way to display searchable, sortable, names and info from an organization, I finally have a workable solution with this extension.

The organization has about 100 members, and all the names, addresses, tele/cell numbers, birthdays, anniversaries were in Excel spreadsheets. Easy for non-tech people to generate, and easy for me to get and update occasionally.

Uploading the CSV file from Excel was a no-brainer. After the usual learning-curve iterations, I now have a nice display of names, home phone, BD (male), BD (female), and anniversary. (Don't want the display too wide.) If I click on the hyperlinked name, I get a nice detail page with all the other info like addresses, eMail, notes, whatever. Problem solved. Great piece of software.

The alternative, which I really didn't want to do, was write a PHP suite of programs to manage all that info in a MySQL database. That would take me some serious time. Not being into writing Joomla extensions (yet), Easy Table Pro saved the day for me.

Very excellent package. I recommend highly.