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byaxonuproar, May 30, 2011
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The application itself seems to be very nice and stable, full-featured. But it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to figure out how to get things to work properly! I've spent 2 days on CAPTCHA without success. THERE IS NO REAL DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS COMPONENT WHICH IS A REAL PITY. Forums don't help much. Make it a paid component with GOOD DOCUMENTATION and I would buy it.
Owner's reply

Well, we have a huge list of tutorials on our website, downloadable for free, some "how to" videos linked from our forums, about 70,000 forum posts, we answer almost every forum question or support ticket in a matter of hours without any fee, there are other forms of documentation like a 400 pages eBook for V3.x and other stuff on other websites.

Have you even tried to post a forum topic or a support ticket about your problem instead of trying for 2 days ? your review doesn't make any sense to me.

byaxonuproar, March 15, 2006
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Community Builder
Community builder is super. It nicely links together content contributed by site users and makes it easy to organize and view this content. It is easy to install, easy to learn. I use for a non-profit organization website and it works great on our to keep track of articles and blogs submitted by users in each department. We really enjoy being able to click on a person's profile and see what they have blogged, uploaded to the gallery, articles contributed and more! Cool.