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bybaboon, December 30, 2010
Kunena Discuss
A good discuss bot, but as this plugin is Based on previous discussbot for kunena and fireboard I think all users can think that it should be compatible with previous version... or it's not the case :

my 2cents, kunena team work always hard to keep kunena to the top, very good but team have to think that there is a lot of users who have to do maintenance and upgrade from previous version to new one, and they should assure the maximum of backward compatibility, this is also the purpose of a good extension.
Owner's reply

Yes, for years before Kunena, there was a "discuss bot" hack for Fireboard that gave almost the same functionality. But, actually, the Kunena Discuss plug-in is rewritten for Kunena and it *does* import data from the older hacks to Fireboard.

If you need help with importing your data, we're happy to help you. Just post in the Kunena Discuss section of our forum (I see you are registered, but haven't asked for help yet):

Hopefully, we can help you out!

bybaboon, August 20, 2008
Thansk for this plugin very useful to give more style.

but there is a problem it's doesn't work well with SEF enable in joomla 1.5.6 :

the pathway to the image seems to be false.