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bybadtothebone, January 25, 2010
Well its not working for me in Joomla and I don't know why. Maybe I converted my video to flash the wrong way. You also have to enable legacy or it won't install. Also i'm not certain if the component won't work before you pay for it even though it says non-commercial. So someone help me out here and let me know the scoop. So I gave 3 stars just incase the problem is at my end. The setup looks great just like the demo shows.
Owner's reply

You may want to try the latest version, which is J1.5 native. It is defined as non-commercial because it works perfectly without any payment. The pro version only adds additional features for power users.
We are always happy to answer your questions in the forums.

bybadtothebone, January 12, 2010
Pay by Paypal
5 stars baby. It has a weird name but the extension is massively working excellent. I've tried others and took a break. I came back looking for something thats easy to setup, looks good, make me look more pro bla bla bla. Its my first review here on this site because i've been so lazy to write. But these guy's product deserves to be credited so that others are confident in using it on their site. and its freee. Thanks guys. I'll make a donation now on your site to show i'm truly greatful for allowing me to use this great paypal software extention. Does it allow multiple items? I'll have to check it out to see because I was in a rush to get it working because people wanted to make some payments on my site right away. It saved me big time. I'm a 0creativity fan.