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bybagerjo, November 1, 2010
Shadowbox Media Viewer
I had problems to make it work, but when i change jqery to base adapter it works and it looks great! Thanks guys!
I have a question. Is it possible, on two language site, shadowbox to apear on two language. On english pages-english language, on serbian page-serbian language? (prew, next, pause...). It would be great if we could add for example language="en" and language="sr" in html.
Thanks again and best with your work!
bybagerjo, October 22, 2010
Even if I fing that conjuction with shadowbox and lightbox do not work (under my command ;), since I make it work with slideshow I give five stars. For me this is one of the best looking gallery presenter. with a little hack (I remove background color and frame) it look like it's born on my site.
Thanks guys, and best with your work!!