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bybaijianpeng, January 3, 2014
This RSmonials works fine, although it has something to be improved. For example, the language file is not complete, so I can not make a full translation. This prevented me from introducing it to more local Joomla users.

By the way, I think the backend testimonials list should be more neat, without showing picture and extra information directly on the list, these info should be displayed on the detail page, not on the list.

Anyway, as a free software, this is an excellent extension for Joomla. I like it.
bybaijianpeng, December 12, 2013
Works fine on Joomla 2.5 . Not well on Joomla 3.2 . Hope the author will improve it. Will be better if make the pop-up window looks better.
Owner's reply

checkout the new release! it's amazing!! it works with jQuery, mootools and bootstrap.

you can use it on frontend / backend / BOTH

bybaijianpeng, February 21, 2013
HS Highlighter
The best part of this plugin is that it has an editor-xtd button which will make it very easy to insert source code without switch off the WYSIWYG mode of your editor.
bybaijianpeng, February 20, 2013
I used to love this editor, I even recommended it to other Joomla users. But recently, I noticed that: 1). this editor strip away my HTML code, regardless that I had already set to "No filter" in Global Configuration. 2). It shows the ads/warning message on the top of EVERY page, even those only show a plain textarea!
The support is even worse! I posted a feature request a long time ago on their forum but never responded by the developers, let alone they never implemented it.

The CKeditor team just ruined the good image of this editor in my mind. I am going to give up and turn to other options.
bybaijianpeng, February 14, 2013
DB Replacer
This is a very useful tool if you want to replace similar data which were scattered in many pages of your Joomla website.
bybaijianpeng, February 3, 2013
When I tried to play a local mp4 file (H264 codec) with this component, it seems OK. But, after click on the "fullscreen" button, I saw that the screen was covered by black background but the real video picture is still the same size as in non-fullscreen mode. That is to say: only filled the background with dark overlay.
Owner's reply

Dear Baijianpeng,

Actually, it's not an issue. You should have configured the "Stretch Mode" to "Original" in Players menu. Just make it to "Uniform / Fill" as the solution. Please contact our support team for further queries.

Thanks & Regards,
Vinoth Kumar

bybaijianpeng, January 2, 2013
After the first try of this plugin (v2.0.2), I found something need to be improved, so I contacted the author via email, then he replied soon and added these new features (youku support, auto-play option, etc) . Now this plugin is nearly perfect!
bybaijianpeng, October 3, 2012
Authentication - EMail
It works! Now user can use his username or email to login my website.
bybaijianpeng, September 25, 2012
After I install this small plugin, it can prorent almost over 20 spam registration attempts every day! Think about this: how many spambot will slip into my website if I have not install this plugin?

So I think this plugin is wonderful! Try it if you got too many spam posts on your Kunena forum.
bybaijianpeng, July 29, 2012
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Very good extension! If the developer make the text font-size bigger it will be better.
Owner's reply

thanks for the review. more options including font-size are available from version 3.0 onwards.

bybaijianpeng, July 10, 2012
Migur Title
Geat idea and great product! This takes a easy way to manage the page title and inserts more keywords. Thanks to the author!
bybaijianpeng, June 8, 2012
Great testimonial component and modules. Will be better if new options added :

1. new option of "only registered users can submit" : guests can see the testimonials list and the submit button, but after click on this button, they will be asked to login.

2. new feature of "video testimonial by inserting embed code (free code)", this can extend the video providers to any online 3rd party video source, not only limited to Youtube.

At last, hope the authors will make a new version for Joomla 2.5 soon. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Hi baijianpeng,

We're glad you like NinjaMonials.

Thanks for the feedback. I especially like your second feature request.

We will not be adding new features to the Joomla 1.5 version, but will consider adding those features to the Joomla 2.5 version that we hope to release in the next 30 days.

Thanks for the review :)

bybaijianpeng, March 15, 2012
JomLand Meta Generator
This plugin can change the Meta Generator content, but it can NOT allow to totally hide/remove this Meta tag. You can find such a feature in another plugin named ByeByeGenerator, which can do more than this plugin. Why the author still try to develop this plugin when we already have ByeByeGenerator ? Don't waste your time, do something you can do better.
Owner's reply

There are about 1000 (and more) images slider, are all of them EXPECT 1 are waste of time?

bybaijianpeng, June 19, 2011
JV Slideshow
When I test this module, it works fine in the "auto fetch image from folder" method, but can't work if you choose "manual input" method. Then I submited my issue to the author via his ticket (why not a forum?) system, but it seems that he can not fix this, even in the latest version.

Well, the first method works fine so I give 4 stars here. Hope the author will improve it better.

Owner's reply

Here for "manual input":

bybaijianpeng, February 22, 2011
This plugin can show a NEW indicator image above or below the article title, but, I think it should be displayed just in the same line as the article title, this is the word "before" or "after" means!
Owner's reply

You are right; I changed it to above and below in version 1.2.1.

bybaijianpeng, December 15, 2010
HOT Login
Undoubtly this is a great plugin!

But, it only loads the default mod_login, user can not choose his own login module. If I use CB, you know, the default login module can't have CB registration link, so I must use mod_cblogin now. In this case, this plugin will not be able to load mod_cblogin.

Hope there will be a new option to choose login module (by ID or list selection, not position).

Owner's reply

thanks for your review.
Before helping you I ignore the existance of Community Builder. Shame on me! Now I will study it and I'll surely implement the CB Login in the future version of HOT Login.

bybaijianpeng, October 6, 2010
Today I tried the v3.2.0 of Titlelink plugin, it works fine.

This is a great idea to create internal links. However, I am thinking of another better usage: I can use it to turn the article system into a Wiki.

Two things need to be improved:

1. If I enabled "auto create link", then, on the "submit article" form, the "title" should be automatically filled (or just hidden to prevent manual input), because the Article Title HAD been specified in the syntax code.

2. If I disable "auto create link" feature, the text is showing up as Bold style. However, I think they should be just plain text.

bybaijianpeng, September 29, 2010
Simple Email Form
1. The email content (body) field should be shown by default.
2. Why should the user input the path and URL for CAPTCHA? I think the CAPTCHA should work out-of-box! Could you please use relative path for it and then you can hide this parameter by using /cache folder by default?
3. The language selector should have an option to detect site language setting or the client browser language.
4. Fields labels should be translatable in language file, NOT to manually set in parameters.
Owner's reply

Not sure what is meant by #1. As for #2, it was a conscious decision not to have the module create a CAPTCHA directory. It's too dangerous to have the module write files to some arbitrary place on the host web server! Much better to let the administrator make a conscious decision where to create the CAPTCHAs. The latest version displays an error message with a "suggested" CAPTCHA directory and URL. As for #3 and #4 I agree with baijianpeng. You will note that it is on my "todo list". I most likely won't get to it in the version for Joomla 1.5, but will add that capability in when the version for Joomla 1.6 is released (most likely not until January of 2011).

bybaijianpeng, September 19, 2010
The best plugin to show image gallery inside Joomla article!
bybaijianpeng, September 14, 2010
If you want to use Macros through out the whole article system (com_content) of Joomla, you should use a component to manage all kinds of Macros, then insert specific macro with a plugin, instead of a single plugin!

This extension started on the wrong direction. How can it be a good extension then?
Owner's reply

Well, it can be a good extension if it's useful, well written, and well supported:) Actually, a component was briefly considered, but didn't seem to give much, if any, advantage for the increased complexity. There was little reason to create an entire management component when the existing article infrastructure works perfectly for this. This may change as features are added, but currently there is nothing that requires a component. sdMacros is still in beta and I'm open to suggestions. If you see advantages to having a component, I would appreciate you posting them in the support forum. sdMacros has proven very useful on several of our websites and I suspect it will prove useful on others' sites as well.

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