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bybaijianpeng, September 10, 2010
This small component can really generate random passwords. But I think the following improvements will make it better: 1. add English language file 2. generate the password without refresh the page (maybe you need AJAX?) 3. add Copy button beside or below the result box.

Thanks to the author.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review. A installable english-translation is available on the download site. A copy button works well only with IE, other browsers have too many restrictions.

I will think about your second suggestion.

Alfred Bösch

bybaijianpeng, September 7, 2010
Read Less - Text
This plugin works fine. I am glad to see the latest version added the feature to respect the existing Readmore link.

I met a problem when using this, and the author gave me instant and detailed instructions to solve that, which is my fault NOT a bug of this plugin.

Thanks to the author.
bybaijianpeng, September 3, 2010
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One click registration
Sounds good idea for quick registration. But in my test, I only show two fields: Name and Email, then I tried to register a new user, but after submit the form, Joomla told me "Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet." error message!

I hope it can allow register with only two files: username and email, then generate random strong password and send it to the user's email address.

Hope the author will improve it soon. Thanks.
Owner's reply

I found a small bug in the config.xml file which caused that error. I didnt notice because if you go to the component parameters backend and save the config one time the problem is gone. But anyway thanks for pointing this out to me. I have fixed it! Next time try posting a message in the forum before giving a review ;)

bybaijianpeng, August 29, 2010
I installed this plugin, it surely can show some effects on images, but it also brings JavaScript errors/conflicts to my website.

Hope the author will check the code and fix this.
bybaijianpeng, August 27, 2010
Core Design Captcha
We don't need to recoganize distorted letters, just drag the slide and you pass the CAPTCHA test. Great idea!

Hope it will support more and more 3rd party extensions!
bybaijianpeng, August 4, 2010
Art Feature Carousel
The Carousel effect is very good. But, there is no parameter to set the display area size, it just streched out to its hard-coded size.

If this module has a pre-set and unchangeable size, why not tell us which size should the images have? So that we can upload the images in the most suitable size.

Another problem is, though I set it to show 6 images, there are always 4 images: left, center, right and behind center. Yes, it can play those 6 images one after one, but why I can't count 6 on the Carousel?
bybaijianpeng, July 29, 2010
Easybook Reloaded
Finally somebody picked up the abandoned Easybook component and re-polished it.

Thank you very much! It works very well.
Owner's reply

You're welcome!

bybaijianpeng, July 27, 2010
ARI Image Slider
I think this is a great image slider module, it has some reasonable and smart parameters, like allows multi image paths and auto-detect subfolder option.

The only regret is, it can support lightbox plugin integration but only supports those commercial lightbox plugins from the same author. I hope you can add support to other FREE lightbox plugins too, such as Shadowbox Media Viewer plugin and NinjaShadowbox module.

bybaijianpeng, July 26, 2010
GK Weather
I tested v1.1.0 of GK Weather module today. It can really show my local weather, and allows to use local language. This is great. But the City name I entered can't be shown up. Don't know why, and the official forum refuse my to post due to subscription plans, so I have to rate it here.

bybaijianpeng, July 25, 2010
Live Clock Date
I can't believe that such a small module has so many bugs. The word before date can't show. If I empty the default text before time, after save it will be restored! If I disable date, but the dash symbol is still there before the time!...
bybaijianpeng, July 23, 2010
FW Gallery
This is a very simple gallery component, only suitable for showing one people's photo albem on his blog.

In my test, the worse is, the Lightbox in their Demo does NOT pop-up at all. There is NO option for Lightbox in parameters either.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your reviews! We are glad you like it! We`ll correct soon the lightbox functions and let you know about it.

bybaijianpeng, July 16, 2010
Phoca Font
I tested this extension today, it is very easy to use my custom font on Joomla pages.

However, the problem is, Chinese font files are always very big (there is a font file 18MB), it is very difficult to install Chinese fonts via Upload&Install method. Hope the author will add "install from folder/URL" methods, just like the Joomla Installer.

bybaijianpeng, July 14, 2010
Fade Gallery
I tried this gallery extension today, the effect is good, but something needs to be improved:

1. The v1.2.4 package can't install the module and plugin at the same time though the author had packed them along with the component in a single package file.

2. In my test, I used 1024*768 size images, and finally they appear in the article in the size of 400*200, which means, my images were squeezed and lost dimension ratio. This is very ugly! Hope it can keep the width/height ratio when resize.
Owner's reply

The dimention 400x200 is default, you need to set this up.
For the component - when you creat a menu item.
For module - when you add a new module.
For Plugin the dimention is second and third parameters.
example: images/sories/gallery,1024,768

bybaijianpeng, June 16, 2010
I have been using Remository for more than 3 years. This is really a great enhancement to its component. Thanks to the author.
bybaijianpeng, June 1, 2010
5 stars to this FREE and great plugin!
This ia a must for every Joomla website.
Thanks to the author.
bybaijianpeng, May 23, 2010
This is a good contact component to show Google map along with the email form.

However, there are still many things to be improved:

1. There is NO "email copy" feature which is offered in the Joomla default contact component.

2. Please add support for JoomlaXi Captcha plugin to avoid spam messages.

3. The marker will show the "contact image" again in the bubble. It is useless. I hope the "Marker" feature will allow the webmaster to define several places/locations, each with their own photo, like the building entrance, then these marker will all be shown on the map. For example: Air port, railway station, subway station, and your office. Then visitor can easily choose the places to find the directions/routes.

Owner's reply

In these last versions, ContactMap has new features :
email copy.
display the marker or photo contact.
display all your contact on a map and send them a email when you click on his marker.

bybaijianpeng, April 11, 2010
JoomLine mp3 player
1. Auto scan the defined directory and list all mp3 files there.
2. Play in a pop-up so if you browse through pages it will continue to play

1. Can't show my Chinese ID3 tag correctly. My ID3 tag was entered as UTF-8 encoding and can be properly read by Foobar2000 player.
2. One of my mp3 file can'be played though Foobar2000 can play it with NO problem.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your report. Please send a sample of the song in Chinese, we do make changes to the module.

bybaijianpeng, April 9, 2010
SEF Test
I like the idea of this plugin, I want to use it to get the Non-SEF URL of a page when I still offering SEF URLs to other visitors.

However, I just tested it and it can't work on my website. Maybe it only supports the Joomla core SEF, but can't work with AceSEF which I am running to generate SEF URLs.

Hope the author will improve this plugin.

Owner's reply

This plugin only works with Joomla! core SEF. If you want this functionality to be included in AceSEF, than that's a feature request for AceSEF, not this plugin. Third party extensions like AceSEF add their own logic to Joomla!, which means that our whole plugin needs to be rewritten (and probably called AceSEF Test plugin). That's outside of the scope of this plugin.

bybaijianpeng, March 16, 2010
Encrypt configuration
This is a good idea. But in my test, it conflicted with XIJC (JoomlaXi Captcha component). Since Encrypt Configuration component processed the captcha code, then XIJC can't recognize it though I entered the correct captcha code.

I think Encrypt Configuration need a new option: Exclude certain component (such as XIJC) or exclude specific forms. Maybe both.

Another thing I would like to see being changed is that Encrypt Configuration has NO language file. I hope the author will add multi-language support in next version.

Owner's reply

Change the plugin order setting Encryption plugin before the captcha plugin.
Multi-language support is promissed.

bybaijianpeng, February 26, 2010
Edocs - Embed Documents
This is the only one Joomla extension which can embed multiple formats of documents inside Joomla article, not limited to PDF alone.

I had tried the v1.0 and reported the IE bug to the author, and he worked out a solution so quickly. Impressive!

Thanks to the author! (and hope Google will fix that bug soon)
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