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bybaijianpeng, October 31, 2009
MP3 Browser
Can't believe such a great plugin is totally free!

Thanks to Luke for your efforts on this best player plugin.

One suggestion: please improve it to work with UTF-8 encoded ID3 tags in other languages such as Chinese and Arabic, then your plugin will be welcomed all over the world!
bybaijianpeng, October 21, 2009
Redaction Utility
For non-GPL softwares, If we don't modify the source code and filter the links with this plugin, is it legal?

I think this plugin is a great idea. Thanks to the author.
Owner's reply

The original intention of this plugin was to eliminate the need to edit the source of a GPL extension every time you updated it.

However, our understanding of the GPL is that any extension that isn't also GPL is a violation of the core Joomla license. That's why you don't see non-GPL extensions in the JED.

In the same way, you can't say "this is GPL with these extra restrictions", which many extensions try to do. It's simple: if there are extra terms and conditions, then it's not a GPL license. GPL v3 makes this much more explicit.

However, if you purchase a non-GPL extension, you entered into an agreement with the developer and accepted their license. If you choose to use this plugin to violate that license, it is entirely your responsibility. Our position is that non-GPL extensions should never be installed in the first place.

bybaijianpeng, September 14, 2009
When Multithumb's author claimed to stop developing, I felt very sad. Now BK saved this project !

This version works smoothly, at least I did not encounter any problem till now.

Thanks to BK !

This plugin should be added to the Editor's Pick list on JED!
bybaijianpeng, September 1, 2009
Jevents is an excellent Joomla extension. Thanks to the author(s).

However, I noticed that there are very limited date format options in the settings. And no one matches our Chinese people's tradition. For example, we want a date format as: %Y 年 %b 月 %d 日。I tried to define such a format in the language file but failed.

Hope the author will add full customization option to date format in next release. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Can you raise this point (with a little more detail) in the Jevents 1.5 forum and we'll see what can be done.

bybaijianpeng, August 11, 2009
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I appreciate the automatic matching feature of this module. Thanks to the author!
bybaijianpeng, August 11, 2009
PayPal Donations Lite
It looks nice. However, when I want to translate this component, I noticed that there is NO language file.

Hope the author add multi-language support. Thanks.
bybaijianpeng, August 9, 2009
This component looks nice but it used .php format language file. I tried to translate it, but it can't recognize my php format translation file.

Please use .ini format language file so I can make full translation for this component. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Dear Baijianpeng!

At first thank you for review and rate!

You shouldn't edit .php language file .
To add new translation you should go to the BE -> Comopnents -> BearLeague -> Languages -> 'New' button and translate all the words. Then press 'Save' button and make your translation default

Best Regards,

bybaijianpeng, July 17, 2009
This component works well. But there is no multi-language support. Hope the author will add language files so I can translate it.

This component lacks another feature: uploader. FTP transfer is not convenient for each user, so an uploader is good.
bybaijianpeng, July 17, 2009
This plugin works smoothly after installation. I also appreciate the new Multi-mp3 play feature in v1.7.

Thanks to the author.
bybaijianpeng, July 16, 2009
I was very excited to see such a multi-function contact component. I tested it tonight but have some problem with the CAPTCHA system.

If turn off the captcha at frontend, it works very good. When CAPTHCA on, it kept saying that the security code is not correct, but I WAS sure I had entered the correct code.

Another bug is, I am using Simplified Chinese language at frontend. Then the corresponding CAPTCHA word file should be cn.txt, NOT zh.txt. However, this component ONLY accept zh.txt.

If such a complicated CAPTHCA system is not easy to iron out, just use something simpler.

Thanks to the author.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feed-back.

I'm guessing you were using version 2.0.0 because this problem with CAPTCHA was long discussed on our forum and it appeared only on some browsers and in some cases. That is way I didn't noticed it before the release of that version.
It was fixed in 2.0.1.

About the problem with the words files for CAPTCHA, I don't think it's a bug, ( the first 2 letter of the language code are used ), but this is not the place to discuss it.
Maybe I'll add this as a parameter of the extension.

I find it strange ( even a little offensive ) that instead of asking for help on our forum or by email you suggest using a simpler CAPTCHA system. Maybe you can point me to another system that offers the possibility to easily add words in different languages and set the font and background colors for this kind of system.

bybaijianpeng, May 17, 2009
Simple Review
I had visited the Demo site of this component. It looks no different from the Joomla content (com_content) system. So, why bother to develop/use such a new component which even has a wrong design of language file system?

When I check the language files, I noticed that the author used php format for language files, NOT ini format, which should be respected as the J1.5 standard. This is the first fault.

The second fault is, there are two duplicate language files respectively in folder languages and Language_Module. I made a Chinese language translation and uploaded it to the languages folder, but it can't be detected. This component can ONLY detect the language file in Language_Module folder. So, why you created the languages folder?

The third fault is, even after I put my translation language file into Language_Module folder, it can't pick up my translation automatically. I had to choose the language manually at backend settings page of this component. You know, J1.5 has parameter to allow extensions pick up correct php format language files, why didn't you use it?

The fourth and the largest fault is, I can't find the advantage of this component. Imagine this: I create a new section in the Joomla com_content and title it as Reviews, then I can create Categories inside this section. Next, I can write reviews just like new article(content). And the visitors can rating and comment my article(review) via my commenting component. You know, there are many commenting component which can also offer the rating stars feature.

So, what is the advantage of installing a new component to write reviews?
Owner's reply

You are reviewing an alpha version i.e. very early build for Joomla 1.5. As you noticed the language is currently incomplete and in two parts which makes it far from ideal. In it's current state it is only there as a place holder while the component is being fully converted from Joomla 1.0 -> Joomla 1.5. The ini format will most likely not be used while compatibility is maintained with 1.0. Myself and others find the component useful, if you don't then that is fine.

bybaijianpeng, May 7, 2009
CB Public Mail
This is a great plugin! The author even give us the option to hide the user's email address and send a copy to submitter.

In addition, it can work with CB Capthca plugin to provide security.

However, I hope this plugin can allow user/visitor to send file attachments along with the text message. Of course there should be new parameter to limit the file size and file type.

BTW, I noticed that all those backend parameters of this plugin was not included in the language file. I want to make a complete Chinese translation but can't. There is also one line of English words above the frontend mail form which was not in the language file, it is "If you want to contact this person, you may use this email-form".

Please make a complete language file and then I can make a complete translation.

Thanks to the author.
bybaijianpeng, April 29, 2009
This is a lightweight shopping cart solution, especially for its "sell products in Joomla content" feature.

However, the language file is not complete yet so that I can't make a full translation for it.

Hope the author will add those lost strings into the language files.

Owner's reply

Although I speak a number of languages, by far my knowledge of all the kindly submitted translations is insufficient. In case a translation string is unavailable in a certain language file, the original variable will show up. The same variable should be in the language file with its translation. If not, you would know your own language better than I do to translate it.

bybaijianpeng, April 25, 2009
I tested this plugin recently. The author even forgot to pack up JQuery Lighbox folder and files, but the XML file try to install them at the same time.

Another problem is, this plugin will also try to generate thumbnails for my math equation images which were output by mimiTeX plugin and made those images can't be displayed.

I also tested another famous plugin MultiThumb, MultiThumb can automatically ignore equation images.

I think the author of JUMultithumb should learn something from MultiThumb, if it is possible, please take over the MultiThumb code and continue it, because that project seems been abandoned by its author.

For the equation image issue, you also can add a new option to solve it. This option is: exclude images with "nothumbnail" CSS class name.

bybaijianpeng, April 24, 2009
This is the best banner manager for Joomla 1.5 ! For a long time I was looking for a way to display flash format banners, now it was solved by this component.

the only disadvantage is that the author did not add multi-language for it. Hope he will add a /language folder soon.

Owner's reply

Language folder now added.

bybaijianpeng, February 12, 2009
The author did not make it clear that this CAPTCHA engine requires modification to Joomla core files to be applied to the default contact form.

Finally, after the email exchange with the author, I found out how to modify those code. I think the author should include that link to the forum post in the extension description.

Though this is a good extension, I think modifying core files is not good.
bybaijianpeng, December 6, 2008
We know that drupal has versions management feature for articles, but Joomla does not. Now with this extension, Joomla will have the same power to give content items a version manager.

Thanks to the author!
bybaijianpeng, November 9, 2008
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mavik Thumbnails
I can't believe that this small plugin (only 17KB) can do such a fantastic job!

It offers another feature for thumbnails generating, since we can set different size for each single thumbnail.

Thanks to the author.
bybaijianpeng, October 19, 2008
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
This plugin is exactly the best one to insert Google Analytics code into your template. Don't worry about if a module position is at the bottom of your webpate, this plugin can just insert those code before closing Body tag.

Excellent job! Thanks to the author!
bybaijianpeng, October 9, 2008
This is a very good plugin to make it easier for inserting special typographic blocks in the article content.

Thanks to the author, hope you will add more styles and icon images to make it more beautiful.
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