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bybaijianpeng, June 19, 2007
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JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
This component is very good. I like the idea.

Hope the author can add a new feature : import from Bookmarks component since it was abandoned by its developer.

I think LinkExchanger has all those features Bookmarks have. So I will not use Bookmarks anymore.
bybaijianpeng, May 21, 2007
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Why you all praise this component so much ?

Today I began to test it and thought it must be very good. Finally, I realized that this component was disigned wrongly from the first line of code.

It requires to disable the registration system of Joomla, and can't use the registration of Community Builder.

Why it need a new registration system when everyone agree that CB must be the Core of Joomla?

Very bad idea. I will give up it even if there is no shopping cart component for Joomla.
bybaijianpeng, May 18, 2007
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CB Captcha
I am very glad to see such a good plugin for CB. This is a real must for all those want to build a strong community with Joomla.
bybaijianpeng, May 10, 2007
DPCalendar Lite
I like the idea of integrating Google Calendar into Joomla. This is really a good component. But when I try to translate your component into Chinese, I couldn't find the language folder.

The author said we should use JoomFish to get multilingual support but he has not realized that JoomFish is not a must for every user. Sometimes a language folder containing language files can solve this issue easier than JoomFish. Especially when the user just want a site of single native language NOT a multilingual site.

I suggest the author release the 1.4.1 version with a language folder. You can only put english.php file there and we translators will do the rest.
bybaijianpeng, April 9, 2007
Akeeba Backup
Joomla! Pack does what it claims. This is a new concept for backing up Joomla websites. I love it so much that I had made a Chinese translation for its language file.

Hope it can be better and better. Thank you Nicholas.
Obviously the author of Ads Manager has shown us a full consideration for the users' needs. This great component tells us that it is not too hard to do following :

1. Let user customize the page title

2. Let user insert some customized text below the title and above the mainbody of the compoent

3. Let user add customized fields, and also the fileds can be allocated to different category

I think all those extension developers should follow this example to make better extensions.

Many many thanks to the author(s) of Ads Manager.
bybaijianpeng, September 25, 2006
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I installed this com_ on my testing server. But I can not find the option to change the language. After about 2 hours' search I know I have to modify some codes in the civicrm.settings.php file. I can also change the default country name there.All these information was not added into the readme file.

Another pain is I do not know how to set up one or more menu items on the frontend. I had tried to do so by creat a new menu pointing to the com_ but cause error on the frontend.

Hope authors give detailed instructions to a new user.
bybaijianpeng, August 31, 2006
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As you can see, the com_ of ARTIO JoomSEF is continously rated 5 by 8 users including me.

This SEF com_ is the best not only for English language users, but also, or the more important rule, it makes non-English language users like me to enjoy the fun of SEF perfectly.

Suggetions to Chinese, or Korean, or Japanese, or Arabian .... any non-English language users: When you use this SEF com_ , just name your Section/Category Name with your native language and name the Section/Category Title with English, then name your article Title with your Native language and name the article Alias with English.

Now, you can see all those words on the frontend are still in your language but the ARTIO JoomSEF com_ will extract link elements from those English Names you just given.

I want to rate this com_ as 100 if they had set this number.
bybaijianpeng, August 17, 2006
Very good bot ! Great idea !

I had installed it on my website and it works smoothly since on.
bybaijianpeng, May 27, 2006
AJAX Shoutbox
I had installed this shoutbox on my site, but it seemed not work well with jd_Wordpress which was recommended on this official site to be a editor for blog. When I publish this Shoutbox module on the jd_WP page, it will cause fatal error. So I have to publish on other pages except jd_wp page.

I tried to reach the author of this component/module to report this bug but failed. Any one who can help me to reach them will be appreciated.

Finally, I would like to say this is a good plug-in though it has not functions of emotions and sound reminding.

Thank you.
bybaijianpeng, May 26, 2006
JCK Editor
I had installed this WYSIWYG Editor into my website, it is faster than the EditorPick one on this site, the JCE editor. I like it.
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