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bybalbahotog, December 28, 2010
ARI Sexy Lightbox
I was constructing my professional site as a Lawyer, and wanted to offer free legal consultation through an image in a module which, when clicked, will activate a flash contact form inside a lightbox. ARISexy Lightbox perfectly fit the bill.

Also, I wanted to have a flash contact form which can be accessed through the dropdown top menu which will also be shown in a lightbox. The ARISexy Links was perfect, although this plugin requires some knowledge about CSS selectors, as indicated in the product page. CSS selectors are beyond me, but no problem, an ARISexy developer assisted me make the whole project up.

Excellent extension and excellent support!
bybalbahotog, May 29, 2009
The program is very promising, but it needs more development, and support was very responsive.

After battling for 2 days with the help of Support, whose promptness was very admirable, I was able to configure Moodle and Gallery2.

However, when I came to the point of linking Moodle and Gallery2 inside Joomla! I was disappointed to learn that the visual integration was way, way far from what I expected, although the developer was very candid to admit this shortcoming.
Owner's reply

Gallery2 already has full frameless visual integration and this is working perfectly on dozens of sites that I know. Moodle visual integration is done with template modifications.

You have had a reply to your post on our forum within 5 minutes. And have had a total of 6 replies from JFusion developers. None of your posts mention visual integration, but you had problems finding out your database prefix. Once you used the JFusion installation wizard (which configures your plugin automatically), your problems were solved.

I am surpised that you give a negative review because:
1: We provided excellent support within minuted and solved your problem.
2: You can visually integrate softwares and we pointed you to our documentation wiki. After this we did not hear back from you, so assumed you found the information.

Thanks, Marius