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Community Surveys
first, its very hard to configure to start out with... not obvious how you creat a survey from the back end... WAY too focused on creating surveys from the front end at the expense of the back end... this makes no sense...

the documentation on their site is VERY little and more Q & A rather than anything that tells you how to do it... they have no videos which would help.... so far not impressed at alll.... makes me wonder where all these positive reviews are coming from ? hmmmmm
Owner's reply

It would have been helpful to everyone if you could have contacted us before posting the review. Here are clarifications:

1. No backend survey creation: Its really unfortunate that you posted negative review based on this on the same day we added this feature. And I couldn't believe the review published after 2 days of the feature addition. Again, a simple forum post could have helped you and others.

2. No documentation: I am sorry but I am not sure why you can find only couple of q&a when we have full set of documentation available here:

I have helped hundreds of users in setting up the perfect survey software on their websites and glad to help you if you post any query on the forum. If you believe videos are only tool that helps you, don't worry, that is also taken care and will be published in a couple of days.

byballet, March 9, 2013
have tried for several weeks to get this installed .. i got one email after a week saying to look for an ini file to change code to get it to work but the file he mentioned did not even exist in my package of explorwer... i dont understand why so many positive reviews on this when it does not install on joomla 2.5.8... ?
ActiveHelper LiveHelp
have tried for hours to install this ..... no support.. no work .... no time..... another quality extension NOT
JSN ImageShow PRO
having troublems installing JSN image show.. a review of their support page with show many others with install problems.. including DEPENCY issues on install.. im sure its a good extension but suffers from lots of install issues.... call me frustrated.. my first extension purchase (commercial) and im can say im not impressed!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

JSN ImageShow is an easy, yet sophisticated product. It can take images from multiple sources and show them in multiple themes. To bypass 2mb upload limitation, we had to break down the product to core and plugins to make the installation flow possible and smooth.

On the other hand, Joomla is an open source system where you can install wide variety of extensions and there is no guarantee to avoid conflicts. However, we work hard to fix possible issues and release product updates twice a month. So the trouble you confronted might already have been resolved.