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bybalslev, October 14, 2007
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Phoca Gallery
Hello there Mr. Pavelka,

This multi add feature was exactly what I needed... I testet out Phoca Gallery a couple of days ago but decided against it precisely because I would have to add each image one at a time.

I find you tool to be very good indeed, but as you know - we never really get satisfied, and so obviously I also have a few pointers as to where you might focus:

1. The Lightbox popup is not correctly sized with respect to the height here on my IE7, and so a scrollbar appear. I'll go see if I can fix it myself for the time being...

2. Subcategories would be really nice...

3. An option to let the category description appear in the "Phoca Gallery Category List Layout" beneath the link to the category

4. Download option in the popup to the original image (before Phoca resized it)

5. If there's any way to speed up the thumbnail generation it would be great :-)

Regardless: Great work, Jan!! I really look forward to future editions.

Owner's reply

The speed of thumbnail generation depends on speed of your server. There is a problem. Mostly, you have only 30 seconds to execute the script. So you can create thumbnails faster without redirection the site. But if you want to add e.g. 50 images, creation of thumbnails will be broken because of execution time. You can solve it, if you use redirection after creating a thumbnail. But you must use HTTP redirection, not server-side redirection (because there is a browser protection too - loop protection). Mostly the thumbnail is creating once far all. It is better solution than creating thumbnail on-line for every user who visits the site.