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bybartICT, February 7, 2010
An elegant and full-featured contact form with easily implemented captcha, css control and other customization built in. Had some trouble with one of my templates, form not displaying correctly. But upgraded to .8 which has easy ways of embedding plugin and mod into content. Looks and works great. The developer is attentive and helpful.
Form2Content LITE
Seems to me that with all the form-creation/management extensions out there, there's been little thought given to actually reporting the data in a usable format. I'm talking primarily about the average users and admin of a company intranet based on Joomla! Tried dozens of solutions, most too complicated to implement for non-technical users. Found F2C by way of Fabrik & Fabrik2Article. F2C is a surer and easier way of building the form and collecting the data and it WORKS. I have a lot of things on my wish list, but the developer is very responsive and releases improvements universally that they develop for individuals. To wit, the mail notification plugin, which they helped me customize to my particular application. I look forward to more features, particularly in customizing notification and access. They seem to be aggressive developers. Get the PRO version.
The developer tells me there's more to come in a pro version for early 2010. I've tried a lot of ftp/download extensions and jDownloads offers the best and easiest front end access I need for a company intranet site that I've found. Lots of control on the back end and with file handling/viewing. The developer is quite responsive. The guy who complained about the code and gave the ext two stars should have given him a chance. I hope to see jDownloads add custom control of access groups and password protected downloads. Until that happens I can't use it with sensitive company material. Would make the perfect extension. But well worth installing as it is.
bybartICT, October 23, 2009
Zap Calendar
Get it. It works. Easy to navigate and admin. iCal feature is what sold me. Pro version: I'm giving this 5 because it does everything it promises and the developer is very open-minded about enhancements, not to mention prompt and clear in his support responses. I think a more developed user manual would help, that is, more step-by-step instructions and clearer demos. What's there is very helpful, however. My wish list includes being able to add members to events from user profiles (e.g., integrated with Jomsocial) and have group notified, with iCal attachments. The developer takes you seriously — another plus. It's a real, grown-up extension.