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bybarthle, August 20, 2011
There is nothing much to say on how awesome Blog component EasyBlog is. It has tons of features, all of which are highly flexible. I have never had any major problems..

I want to emphasize on the excelent pro-support. Truly, I never received before such a swift and efficient support.

My existing "comments" extension had not been upgraded to J1.7. I wanted to switch another comment program, but lack of EasyBlog integration was holding me back..After a few days of hesitation, I contacted the EasyBlog support. Next day my integration was ready..

I wanted to autopublish our site contents to our FB page..There is another component for this purpose, but they don't have an addon for Easyblog. So I placed an order to have a custom addon for EasyBlog..I wish I checked EasyBlog settings more carefully: This feature is already built-in EasyBlog..But it wasn't including the picture in the blog..No problem, I contacted them and again the picture problem has been fixed in the next few hours..Superior Extension, first class support, highly courteous customer care..Thanks a lot Jack..
Maxi Menu CK
Look no further, this module will satisfy all your menu management needs. I am using this for my community site which includes book/album/movie reviews, blogs, and forum.

At first I had an issue, I contacted CEd and he replied me back with the solution just 10min later.

It is highly configurable, and it can even load modules. Multi-column future is very handy for sites with a complex menu structure..

I specifically chose lightweight, minimalistic template for my reviews sections. However this minimalistic template had a very ugly looking navigation..This module gave me a good looking menu without compromising simplicity of the template..

I strongly suggest this menu module if you want to give your lightweight, simple template a touch fanciness and functionality.

Thanks CEd
Owner's reply

thanks for your great review :)

bybarthle, July 12, 2009
This component is really a very valuable hidden treasure. It is sad that it is not promoted enough. Everyone should be aware of this. I wish it had been selected as editor's pick.

I was ready to pay even $150 for such a component. I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

It can be used in many different ways as outlined. However one less promoted feature is the one which really rocks: it can be used as "Autolinker". However all the autolinker components can be used for articles only. But this great component can reach literally everywhere: Kunena Forum, JomComment, MyBlog.

Let's say you want to give a definition of concept in another page, without having to leave the article. You create a page for the definition of the term, and give a one time link to this page. So every occurrence of this term is automatically linked to its definition in a small cool thickbox pop-up. All you have to do is load mootools/modal library in template index and in the replace field give the link accordingly for modal pop-up.

It's just incredible. Our site is small, I hope it can have the same performance as it grows.

Thank you very much for such a great component.
Owner's reply

I am not stopping you from paying me $150 :)

bybarthle, December 26, 2008
For a long time I though AUP is a component for rating other users like in Ebay. But actually it is for evaluating the individual user's contribution to a community site. It is good for motivating the user.

I wish its modules could display CB avatar.
bybarthle, September 14, 2008
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This is one the best module for displaying content. It has incredibly many different settings. So it is like ten different module in one. It was the one and only module in my J1.0.x site for content display. If I were to rate for J1.0.x, I would give it 5 but I encountered many problem in J1.5:

1. May be I didn't notice in J1.O but in J1.5, it made my site very very slow when I used several of them in the same page with different querries. The difference is easily felt. After I remove them, the site comes back to normal.

2. The most important feature, author auto detect, is not working in J1.5. I was the best feature ever in its class, there is literally no other that can automatically detect the author and displays their other articles in a specified section/category. If in feature release they can solve this issue and put the author avatar, we could have one of the best modules in Joomla world. I would be ready to pay even a $100 for such a module. I don't understand developers, a decent author module is a must, but they don't write one. Many of them writes same type modules for which there are tens of different varieties.

3. There is no option for not displaying the intro. In a module usually we don't need intro text. They clutter the space.

I hope these issues would be solved in feature releases.
Owner's reply

Issues 2 and 3 fixed in 1.5.10.
For performance issue contact me directly.

bybarthle, September 12, 2008
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When I saw first this component, I was quite excited and said to myself "Finally !". All the gallery components have some flaws. Expose is very good but doesn't have good modules, voting, commenting etc. RSGallery has too many bugs, template problems etc.

SIMGallery has everthing you can expect from a gallery: CB integration, commenting, voting and modules for displaying best rated albums, comments, votes etc. But only in theory.

It requires mootools1.2. Since J1.5 comes with mootools1.1 you have to install mootools and shadoxbox as well. If you are not experienced like me, you have rummage through internet just to find a way for installing this or you have to pay the guy some extras.

When I first installed it, literally nothing worked. Frontend publishing doesn't allow uploading because of mootools issue. If you are not logged in, it takes you to the registration page.

Worst of all, when I send an e-mail to the guy asking for e-mail with a little harsh tone as I was extremely frustrated, he just refunded my money back and called me uncivilized. Even though I apologized, and told him I want to pay if I can get a littler support, he didn't even reply . I have waited at least 2-3 weeks but no response.

If you are on a business, you have to accept customer complaints, you can't just ignore.

I guess we will have to continue waiting for a good gallery. This one is NOT it.
Owner's reply

"If you are on a business, you have to accept customer complaints, you can't just ignore."
You are absolutely right. However, there are 2 kinds of complaints: constructive ones, and those that are just plain immature. Your complain was not harsh. It was straight out offending.

As for setting up Mootools 1.2, it's pretty straightforward and my forums provide clear instructions on how to do so.

I have decided not to appeal to remove this comment, in the hopes that when people read this, they will learn to treat one another with courtesy, self-respect, and dignity, even on the internet.