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bybassfisher237, February 4, 2012
Multi Sites
This component has presented a solution to my quest for a true multisite feature for my Joomla-based website. I am a web designer and use Joomla for all my clients' websites. I have been working on a special, personal project for some time now and the multisite feature was the piece that has been missing. JMS Multisites is the answer I have been seeking. JMS Multisites does exactly what is supposed to do, and it presents ENDLESS possibilities. If you are unsure of how to configure your cPanel, WHM, or other advanced server-side configurations (for an advanced installation), Edwin will help you, and let me tell you...his support and knowledge is awesome.

JMS Multisites works right "out of the box", but you must be familiar Joomla and it's configuration. If you do not know how to configure JMS or a particular feature, there is a very informative FAQ and forum on the JMS website. Edwin consistently monitors this forum and answers all questions for free.

If you need advanced support or an advanced installation of JMS, then there is a paid-support feature that Edwin offers his customers. This support is well worth the money and time if you want to create an advanced multisite-capable website.

I was able to create "slave sites" on my own without support from Edwin, but the features I wanted on my website required advanced skills with server-side scripts and code. I was not familiar with this code language, so I paid for Edwin's support. Again, this support was well worth the money and my site is now set up the way I have envisioned for a long time.

The people who have posted negative reviews of this component obviously don't have any basic knowledge of Joomla; otherwise they would have been able to successfully implement and use JMS. Even if you do not have basic knowledge of Joomla, simple investigation into the JMS forum will help you get things up and running.

Edwin, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have gained a long-time customer with me! JMS Multisites is great, and I highly recommend it for any website needing multiple instances of a Joomla installation!

Great component!
bybassfisher237, May 5, 2010
This is a great blog, and it integrates seamlessly with your template. Installation and setup was very easy. I had one minor issue after setup. I emailed the developer with my problem, and he emailed me back with a fix THE SAME DAY! I would recommend this extension to anyone looking for an easy to use blog without all the unnecessary extras.

Great job, JaggySnake!