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bybassman, February 4, 2013
Simple MP3 Player
Thanks so much for a great module.It is not as simple as the name suggests.Now with a playlist of many pieces of music. In addition to the keywords required goes to each title add the artist and song titleSupport which always responds until everything works
bybassman, September 20, 2012
QuickIcons for JoomShopping
Icons from JoomShopping added to Joomla icons for Admin makes it easier to go directly to JoomShopping categories, products or About Us, and so on without going to the menu
bybassman, May 19, 2012
Priceleaf pro
I searched for a component that can calculate alternative costs, for my part, labor charges for one to several employees in different periods.
Simple but nice layout. English language files.
Thank you
bybassman, May 4, 2012
Lof JSSlidingCaption For JoomShopping
I bought this module to JoomShopping. I can see the images and the sliding function, but how do you get the picture's description. I could not find a Description, what to do and no support. It looks so good with a menu for How to Install, How to Configure How to customize. Clicking on any of these categories, you end up on a new page for Prestashop. They do not respond to emails. I do not even know they are reading incoming e-mail. I have asked for help or to get the money back. I get no answer. I can not recommend this supplier. This is unfortunate because Joomshopping is a good component with excellent support.
bybassman, April 1, 2012
JT BxSlider Jshopping Label Products
JT BxSlider is a module that provides a good overview of new products you want to view. Select the size and number of images with or without labels. Brief description with prices can be disabled to see only images that are linked to each article. Got to change the background color of template.css to avoid seeing the white borders around the images. Thanks for a great product.
bybassman, March 11, 2012
Akeeba Release System
I have searched for a component that can handle large files. I want my customers to download updates. With Akeeba I can upload large files, one of them is 133.5 MB.
Thank you
bybassman, April 23, 2011
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Thanks for a great component
After a few hours I realized with this component and I now have three large file downloads which one of them is as large as 275.4 Mb
bybassman, February 6, 2011
With this component Virtuemart has got a competitor.
Joomshopping can also be used as a directory. Easily add images simultaneously with the new article. Good integration in joomla does not look like an exclusive component as Virtuemart
Thank you for good job
Hope there will be more templates, modules and plugins for Joomshopping.
bybassman, January 15, 2011
It's not often I give reviews, mostly I read how amazing and "must have " some additions might be. In this case, I can give the best rating for both programs and support. The Creator has thought of everything. With your usual editor, you may add the same descriptions as in Virtuemart with short and long description, and upload multiple images as both tumbnails and large images. I miss nothing in this component, a very serious job.
bybassman, April 10, 2009
BreezingForms (Lite)
I´ve been using Facile Forms and am sorry it does´nt work in Joomla 1,5. Now I feel at home again.
bybassman, March 20, 2009
Thanks for a excellent component.
I suppose I´m not the only one who has been migrating from 1.0 to 1.5 Therefore it would be nice if it could be possibly to add the number of visitors from "before"
bybassman, October 17, 2008
JCK Editor
I am finally satisfied with JoomlaFCK editor.
Have tried almost all editors but now I don´t have to search any more. JoomlaFCK are now free from the issues that have caused me trouble. Pictures couldn´t be seen or transfered to the server. Now that´s history. Thanks for a very good work. Now I don´t expect any more updates.
Owner's reply

Hi bassman, thank you for your positive contribution. I know you have engaged with us on our forums and are delighted that we have found a positive resolve.

As you are an Acajoom fan we have some very good news for you! We have been working with team and have found a resolve that will automatically embed template styles into the newsletter article and take care of the compatibility with mail clients. I will email you when it release later today. Take care.