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bybastoe, July 18, 2009
Documents Seller
The instructions are easy enough to follow to get the component up and running. Provides a separate list of for sale downloads, plus list those in DOCMAN with a buy now price.

The support is excellent and responsive and the price is right.

The thing even tracks your orders which you can then down load to CSV.

You can even upload stuff in CSV.

Does more than what it says :)

Thanks Ossolution!
bybastoe, December 2, 2007
I installed this plug to use for an online gaming league for Quake III. It was pretty easy to get going, but did take some getting used to. I think its a geat start and the english section has grown. I value the work that has gone into the mod and did donate to help the cause.

With that said, I'd like to see more documentation, and it would be nice if this would somehow use the joomla users profiles and then you could just select which players are playing and assign them. Juser integration would be a natural fit since juser also lets you customize and expand the fields.

Keeep up the great work and hope to see some common sense when it comes to jooma users integration. When you have more that 100 players to enter manually, it gets to you.