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bybazza1234, February 3, 2011
A fully featured component-module-plugin that makes it fairly simple to convert your existing site to a mobile compatible site and that's what you do, convert it. You have to republish your modules to the mobile templates it's not hard if you've got a good handle on Joomla but if you're a Joomla newbie your gone to be lost. Have a look at the forum if you don't believe me. This will probably rate as excellent once I've spent more time with it. BTW this is the first component I've ever HAD to read the docs for. Good job guys.
bybazza1234, January 26, 2011
Core Design Captcha
A really neat tool to defeat the spam and not annoy your visitors. Well done guys.
bybazza1234, August 24, 2010
HOT Image Slider
Does what it says it does without any fuss. Simple to set up.

The way all the images display rapidly backwards to get back to the begining.
Having to edit a file to adjust the speed.
bybazza1234, July 7, 2008
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Simple Image Holder
Just like mod-html another really usefully little module but this time to pop an image file onto your site rather than code. Simple to use and does its job.
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thank you for your opinion :)