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bybcn0209, December 7, 2010
Auction Factory
I published a very detailed review of this product that has mysteriously disappeared...leaving me to believe that the developer asked that my review be removed! My review was spot on and detailed a number of issues with the product..mostly with usability issues and differences between what was sold and what I actually got...translation: The version on the company's website was NOT the same as what I bought. Some things were different enough to warrant a scathing review. Without going into too much detail, I have outlined a number of issues I personally feel need improvement and a list of positives to be fair:

Registration is not demonstrated on the developers website so you never get to see how the registration system when you actually buy it, you end up discovering that the registration system will require some work on your part to be usable. Its not hard programming changes but it can be time consuming. Its not that it is not functional (to be fair) but it is far from a flawless implementation from a usability perspective meaning that your customers would probably leave instead of registering and using the system as it works right out of the box.

The Comments system to ask the seller a question is a bit awkward. The old version (The version demonstrated on the developers site) has a tab and that tab has a box to type in and a submit button below it...pretty straightforward. Well the version sold to me that I downloaded had the same tab for contact the seller...but when you click on it you see a box and a cannot type in the box because it is just a CSS border and the button now loads a popup to send the seller a message so from a user perspective its very weird you think you can type but you cannot so less tech savvy folks might not even try to click the button and just leave.

Lots of words in the system are re-used in the language files and you will have to add some code to create new entries so your clients can see appropriate messages throughout the system otherwise you will have a term that is just out of place here and there.

You buy credits to post ads in this system and don't pay for the listing directly. This is weak! It should just let you pay for the ad as you post it like eBay. Also; the payment tools need some polish...

The Ratings tool does not work on my clients site correctly...they see all the rating stars like every rating not just the clients rating they actually other words you see each image for the rating tool stacked! Too frustrated to correct this now.

Its the ONLY solution for Joomla I would is as far as I know the only system for Joomla.

It has potential to actually compete with the system eBay uses but it needs another 500-1000 hours of development and some usability focus groups to help the developers make it "polished".

If you are a strong developer, you can fix everything but for the price $300 USD, being one of the most expensive tools I have bought (even 3X the price of Joomsocial), you should expect NOT to have to fix all these small issues (my opinion of course).

If you don't include about 20-40 hours of development time in your budget and timeline, you will be frustrated when you discover the differences between the demo and the actual sold product and the configuration changes needed.

Overall its very powerful but like I said earlier, it needs to be polished a bit!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your honest review. we value all reviews and feedback we get, mostly if it points out weaknesses of our products.
We took your review under very serious consideration, as we do with all our customer (or simple user) feedbacks.

1) First of all let me assure you that version on the demo website is exactly the same as the version you purchase. There are different themes you can choose from, and as we cleared it up in a support ticket - you wanted the classic theme, and it installs default with the "demo" theme.

2)We took your registration feedback under advisement and we added it in the 2.1.0 release. You can now set up if you want a regular Joomla registration or a registration through Auction Factory. Thank you for pointing this usability issue to us!

3) We changed a little the way you can comment in order to make it more straight forward. This was added in a version you upgraded to right away after signaling this to us in our ticket system. Thank you for helping us to improve the system.

4) The language files - We did review them after you pointed this matter out to us and i think the wording is now improved.

5) "You buy credits to post ads in this system" - Unfortunately there was a small misunderstanding on your part. You CAN buy credits, but you CAN ALSO pay directly for the auction right after creating one. so you do not have to have credits, just follow the payment checkout in order to get the auction published. I think having both option is a way to allow webmasters to have more auctions published and payed for.

5)"The Ratings tool does not work on my clients site correctly.." - This we discussed in our ticket system (i assume you wrote the review before). It was, as you know a CSS issue in the template you used, and it was not that much of a fix (we pointed out where to adjust 1 line of your template CSS). Since you mean the rating stars were not showing correctly, i think this statement is misleading - since the rating system works and saves the ratings without problems. Anyway, this is issue is solved.

Please feel free to upgrade to the latest version (since you have a 2.0.x version) and i am sure you will find that all this issues have been corrected.

I am sorry that you did not mention anything about our support, since as you know we had a very good and fruitful message exchange, and i am sure you appreciated our quick and professional replies.

Thank you for this extensive review.

The Factory Team

bybcn0209, December 7, 2010
DT Register
I have to say…the new DT Register is one of the BEST written and fully functional products I have ever purchased for Joomla! It is without a doubt above Par…by a wide Margin both in quality and features at the current verison! I am impressed. I hope DTH Development will continue to evolve it AND also turn to developing other products.

If all Developers coded to this caliber, Microsoft would be out of business!