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bybdsmith, September 13, 2013
JUX Social Tabs
Just bought this. The GUI is simplistic yet beautiful. Functionality is amazing. The absolute perfect social media "app" for my site. Exactly what I was looking for and only $10.00, now that's a deal. Thank you so much for this product. I'll be sure to check out your other products in the future, this is definitely a great company.
bybdsmith, September 10, 2012
I'm giving this a "good" rating because a lot of users pre-2.5 say this works nice. However, Joomla 2.5 is doesn't work. I even hit X (resets cookie) and clicked run script. It displays an empty white box at bottom of the page, thats it... Also no support documentation. I could just be positioning it would (position) it IS set to display ONLY on home page.
bybdsmith, September 7, 2012
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Plug-in does not allow public users to add attachments. The user needs to be a super admin. Also when you remove this through 'extensions-manage' you WILL get an error. If you go into your FTP and into components and delete Com_attachments and the sub folder 'attachments' in the root folder of the site. It will not fix anything... I have lost all access to my back end. The front end has a fatal error. This COULD have been a very nice plug-in if it weren't for the "add attachment" restrictions and the fatal errors upon uninstalling.

I was using version 3.0.3
Joomla 2.5
I am a web site designer and coder so I know I will eventually fix it.

Jonathan however replies to emails fast and is nice. (support related)
Owner's reply

I misunderstood what the reviewer wanted to do. Yes, "Public" can add attachments to articles if "Public" can edit the article and if the permissions for Attachments are set to allow public creating of attachments. I just tested this and it works.
To properly uninstall Attachments, uninstall the "Attachments Package" which uninstalls the component and all associated plugins. I agree there is a problem that occurs if just the component is uninstalled. I will try to fix that for the next release.

bybdsmith, July 28, 2012
Phoca Gallery
I'm fairly experienced with joomla and website design in general. I found this extension extremely easy to use and for a beginner and HIGHLY customizable. Couldn't ask for a better gallery. Perfect in every aspect of what I was looking for from ease of use to the display on the front end. Displaying one category right now as default but LOVE that when my artist does more shows I can categorize them by show names and the user can then navigate through different categories.

Very well designed, Thanks Jan!