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bybearsam, August 28, 2013
At the moment I do believe that JomSocial is the best social component out there. I have been using it for my site and often for my clients. It works nicely, the stream and other functionalities. I have found bugs but they can be fixed so that is not a problem. It is normal to have bugs, every component has them. The only issue I did have with JomSocial is the design which is ok and is not really their need to work on that too since there are now those that have created a great product that deals with this issue. with Jomsocial and Tigra for Jomsocial I am perfectly happy and will continue using them happily.
The best there is!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind review :-)

bybearsam, August 28, 2013
If you need a smaller shop, a first edition so to say for the beginning of your business you should definitely give this one a go. It is not complex and with a little work it runs great.
bybearsam, August 28, 2013
I do agree with those who say that it takes a lot of time to configure Virtuemart but it needs to be said that it's user friendly and allows you a variety of options. Looking at other e-commerce components I have found them very poor in options they give you. With Virtuemart you keep track of your customers, you update and manage your products, you can set your categories within a product and put a different price for example for different colours or different sizes and have it all transparently shown online. I use Virtuemart for most of my customers, I had the need to do a custom e-commerce only twice so far, so I would say it works perfectly.
bybearsam, August 28, 2013
we all know how it is. You need a good editor and one is hard to find. I have tried my share and have to say that JCE is one of the best. You might need to go around it certain times depending on the components and modules you use in order for it not to go wild with your coding but it does work.