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bybeck2ham, April 7, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Go to the component, create a backup. Use the Akeeba Archive Extractor, upload the extract to server, enter the installation url.
Its a breeze using this component!! Thank you so much!
bybeck2ham, August 8, 2010
Does what it says and works straight out-of the box.

Though not much customization with the looks but I guess if you know how to work your way around AJAX, you can make it look much better than what it is.

Great work from the Developer though and a BIG HUG for this fantastic piece of work..!!!
bybeck2ham, August 8, 2010
Community Builder
Works straight out of the box!!!
I used the 1.2.2 version. The code is hard coded and complex because it has been designed to work on MAMBO in addition to J!. That is the only reason why I am giving it 4 stars other-wise, its a 5-star component..!!!

But I guess thats a small price you pay for such functionalities. A BIG HUG from my side to the developers for doing such Fantastic work..!!!

Add to it the fact that the support forum is very well maintained and the fact that CB has the most number of 3rd party extensions available in comparison to its competitors. That tells you why CB is such a great extension to use..!!!
bybeck2ham, August 8, 2010
When I started using joomla, I thought what is the need for any other editor when there is one already provided by Joomla. That's because I always prefer to use default components rather than using 3rd party ones..

But there is one problem with the default editor..
It wants your HTML cade to start with either or no other tag seems to work (not even )! And that was really giving me headaches. because at most occasions there would be too much blank space above your content to your linking.

I then tried to find out the best Joomla editor and everyone recommended JCE so I gave it a go.

And it worked straight out of the box. There were no more or tags. The code remained what you intend it to be. Add to that a smarter interface and you get a very comprehensive editor in JCE..!!!

Good work guys..!!! And a BIG HUG for keeping it Open-Source.!!!
As they say.."Best Things in Life are FREE..!!!"
bybeck2ham, July 17, 2010
Excellent extension !! Though the support is a bit weak and you might have to wait for days to get support but you have to consider that most of the times, its Bernard alone who is answering the questions and he has his limits too.

Besides, you also have to consider that its not always easy to debug each and every request. Each problem faced is unique in itself and requires considerable time to be solved.

3 cheers for Bernard for creating such an excellent extension and keeping it open-source..!!!

Also, the code is very well written and is not hard coded as many other extensions are. It is very simple and easy to understand.