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bybedford_ch, May 25, 2012
Scroll article excerpt
Good extension, works well but need improvements like (suggestions)
the possibility to define delay between each scroll, define scroll speed and also the possibility to define the class suffix.
Also doesn't work in a page where you have breezing form, the page crashes so there is problably a conflict with this contribution.
With those points it will deserve a better note.
Owner's reply

Hi, Please find the updated version of the module, i have tested this module in all latest browser and many theme, module working fine. now more information, faq available in the document. please have a look.

bybedford_ch, July 12, 2011
Open Analytics
The only thing I needed was the Google Analytics code wich worked with all my templates (around 15 templates for my site) and this is the answer to my need. Just install, set the UA code and you are ok, no need to edit every template to add the code.
It saved my day !!!
I didn't need anything more. This is simple but it does what I need, no fancy and uninteresting feature: just add google analytics on all you pages without the need to change anything on templates.
Thanks a lot.
bybedford_ch, July 6, 2011
ARI Ext Menu
Great module wich supports multilanguage, wich is very important for me. Works very well and it's easy to customize.
Installed without any problem, ease of use.
It does what it's intended to do.
Just sad that they are 2 similar components from same company that may be installed in one package with a little more configuration.
Thank you for it!
bybedford_ch, July 6, 2011
This module is quite good but can't be used on a multilanguage environment. For this you will need the pro version that is, off course, commercial.
If you have a multilanguage site, you won't be able to use it as it will show menu of all languages on the page.
Owner's reply

Latest swMenuFree7.2 is now available and should fix any installation or multilanguage issues that people may have had with swMenuFree for Joomla1.6 - 2.5