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bybee12, April 14, 2013
Booking Calendar
I purchased this calendar component and module nearly a year ago and was impressed at its simplicity in setting up and ease of use at the time.
I recently had a small issue when I moved my website to a different server running PHP 5.4 in that the component no longer worked, however, due to the fast and great support from Bryght their newest calendar worked really well on PHP 5.4 servers and is even more simple to use.
Great little component and module!
Thank you also for first class support.
bybee12, October 20, 2011
Easy Paypal Buttons
I had been looking for a Paypal component that would record sales of products.

I then came across this extension that had what I was looking for with its IPN function.

I had a small issue with the IPN in that I needed to log actual item price and the support I had to resolve this was first class.

This Component is also great for those that require paying different vendors for various reasons.

All in all, a great Paypal solution.