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bybeededea, October 27, 2012
Admin Tools
Well-written essential tool for your Joomla 1.5 site. Provides a level of security at the backend administrator, denying access to bots/hackers trying to identify your site. Allows you to easily change the name of the database tables denying hackers access. For these functions alone it receives an excellent five star rating.
bybeededea, September 19, 2012
Recommend Friends
This component is getting a good rating and would be an excellent as I have used it for years on all my Joomla 1.0/Joostina sites without a problem but it drops a notch due to a problem. My server has been getting a bad reputation as human spammers have been using this extension to spam others.

It is partly been due to having this extension installed and the fact that most spammers these days are humans and not bots. It is not really the fault of this extension it is simply due to the success of online captchas which have successfully prevented a lot of auto bots spamming. All the spammers are using humans now as they can easily bypass the captcha. To abuse this component all each spammer has to do is add a few email addresses and press send, each email appears to come from your site. The component can be configured to only send a standard message but that rather defeats the point. This problem also affects standard Joomla content which has an "email this" icon enabled.
End Result: A good component abused by spammers.
Owner's reply

Personally I've never had the problem you seem to be experiencing and I do not believe it is as prevalent as you describe either.

Even though you gave us 4 out 5 Stars, thanks for using your valuable review to point out a problem that is completely out of our control and NOT specific to this component!

How exactly does one go about fooling 'humans' from spamming anyway? Do you actually have a solution to this problem? If you do, you would be a millionaire pretty darn quick!

I guess maybe the only answer is to have absolutely NO on-line forms what-so-ever, including NO email addresses - that way you are guaranteed to never be spammed (nor contacted by your customers)!!

Thanks again ;o)

bybeededea, August 24, 2012
Easy Open Graph
Testing out of the box - The plugin installed was enabled and immediately started generating og tags as I expected it to. Unfortunately it has the same problem as some other plugins in that it does not create the correct "meta property" tags, instead creating "meta name" tags. Not the best experience for an out-of-the-box test. Needs some changes to replace the appropriate text on a page "after render".
HD-Open Graph
Testing out of the box and the plugin installed was enabled and immediately started generating og tags. Unfortunately it does not create the correct "meta property" tags, instead creating "meta name" tags. Not the best experience for an out-of-the-box test. Needs some changes to replace the appropriate text on a page after render.
Owner's reply

This is incorrect. The plugin creates "meta property og" tags, as per the Open Graph specifications.

bybeededea, August 24, 2012
Testing out of the box did not go well. Installed, enabled and my site died immediately due to a PHP error. Removed the plugin, site worked again. Not the best experience for an out-of-the-box test.
bybeededea, August 24, 2012
Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button
The plugin is easy to configure and use. The version I had stopped working due to a change at Facebook where a spurious 'width' parameter stopped the thing from working altogether leaving an empty space. I blame Facebook for this, not the dev. I fixed this myself by removing the offending code. I tried the dev's site but it is a little impenetrable if you can't understand Greek, even the translate button still gives you a page full of Greek. If not for these two problems it would have had a 4 star rating.
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for review.
Please open a ticket at to report the issue.(is fully translated to English.)

bybeededea, August 17, 2012
Google Maps by Reumer
I've used this plugin for years with the old google maps API no problems whatsoever. Since the new version of the plugin and since the old google mapsAPI has been deprecated I find that getting this plugin and the Google API information together are just far too complicated. I tried and tried and failed miserably to get this plugin to do anything at all, no errors but nothing. I do NOT blame the developer, I blame Google. Mr. Reumer gets four stars for the way the plugin has worked over the years. Loses one star for the way it interfaces with the new google map API.
I have simply abandoned Google maps.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the compliment for my plugin. I am sorry that it is not working on your website and you find it too complicated.
Please ask support at my website so I can have a try to solve the problem and discuss how we can simplify the usage.

bybeededea, March 7, 2012
Very configurable indeed, unfortunately a few tag modules I tested just showed nothing, this was one of them. Others worked fine on my site so my choice was made by which module worked out-of-the-box. I chose the simple tags or the old zaragoza cloud module in the end and not this one.
Owner's reply

As you say this is a configurable product.
It puzzles me that you would value items which gave you no choices. Why would you want something that only represents someone elses priorities.

Having said that the configuration options are fairly straight forward. As you youself say very configurable.

bybeededea, October 6, 2011
It installs seamlessly and creates a good captcha, no more to say! It is good.
bybeededea, September 30, 2011
Easy Inventory Control
This is one of the most important extensions for VM as far as I am concerned if you want stock control for items with attributes.

It is now possible to set a stock value for an item with attributes without having to use the child/parent item relationship as per current VM. Virtuemart's system is unwieldy, complicated to use, counter-intuitive and results in thousands of child items. Some shops have items with 30 sizes, 5 colour variations and other attributes. With hundreds of products in your shop this could end up with thousands of child products and a requirement for a dedicated server...

The idea is simply that you can have a stock level for each and every variety of item that you wish to have in the shop. This extension accomplishes this and does what VM should have had all along.
bybeededea, June 5, 2011
I have used jdownloads on my main site and depend on it a great deal. It is quick to set up and configure, it is easy to add categories and download items. The support from Arno is very good indeed and that is for the free version. There is one fault in the tool though, the inability to incorporate a captcha into the download page, this should be possible through integrating a 3rd party captcha tool. I am trying to persuade Arno to support this. Regardless, it is an excellent tool and with captcha support it will be perfect. Rating it as good rather than excellent until it gains captcha support
Advanced Module Manager
Install this on all your Joomla 1.5 sites by default. This tool significantly enhances the module assignment ability of Joomla. I do wish this was available for the old Joomla 1.0 sites too.
bybeededea, November 11, 2010
I love it! - It provides a full-featured shopping cart and the best thing is that it integrates with Joomla. You need to know/understand how Joomla works to appreciate how useful this integration is. Suffice to say that the two complement each other perfectly and you can get very good SEO results if you implement this combination properly. Virtuemart has flaws, glaring ones like the child product attributes and the poor and limited shipping structure. It also does not compete with the dedicated shopping carts like OSCommerce which are more fully featured. It is no good for very simple carts because it requires a lot of configuration - it is like having a site within a site and takes just as much work to implement. However, it is pretty well perfect for the small to mid-range shop as long as you are prepared to put the hours in. Only choose Virtuemart for your shopping cart after you have fully checked to see if it corresponds to your requirements. The combination of Joomla and virtuemart is perfect.
bybeededea, November 2, 2010
Contact Information
Nice little module that displays contact information where you want it to do so. Note to developer, you don't have a contact email address on your site so: there is a bug in the xml file for J1.0 which means that it won't install. The bug is in the description end tag. Also if you added the extra parameter - Then the module can be styled by the template. Apart from that a nice little module.
bybeededea, September 30, 2010
A review should tell you how good the component is and I would rate this as an excellent component if it were not for the back links. However because the back links are there I will just spend the time in saying that if you install Artio JoomSEF every page on your site will have the meta information changed, spammy links inserted and an "SEO by Artio" at the foot of every page. The commercial version removes these but do not install the free version unless you want to advertise someone else's site on yours!
If this spam was gone I would rate this extension as EXCELLENT. The Artio devs are good chaps - I don't know why they do this.
Shape 5 Quick Contact
Clean, easy to configure, nicely thought out, works and has a limited type of spam code checking and a list of words it will bar from sending in emails. Would be even better if it had a captcha. would then get an 'excellent' review from me.
bybeededea, November 12, 2009
I have just used Jcomments instead of Jom Comments on a J1.5 site and I am impressed. The site was brought to a standstill by the previous JoM Comments installation and I desperately needed a fast site with a comments system integrating with Virtuemart. I removed Jom comments and installed Jcomments instead. It worked perfectly straight from the box... This is a good modification. I still use Jom Comments on my J1.0 sites but on 1.5 it is from now on I'll be using Jcomments. On the subject of running slow, perhaps that's just Joomla 1.5!
bybeededea, March 23, 2009
Xmap is a first class extension for creating good quality, no-nonsense sitemaps for Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 sites. I use it on my virtuemart 1.1.1 sites and it works a treat. I have had a problem getting it to work on a VM 1.1.2 site but I have high hopes that it will be fixed soon! Very few other extensions give you the ability to create a VM tree down to the VM category/product level. It is my standard sitemap tool.
bybeededea, December 9, 2008
There is a learning curve for every form builder, some longer than others. I have used facileforms on all my 1.0 sites but on a new 1.5 site I was building I just couldn't bear the thought of wading through all that treacle again. Creating a form using facileforms is like filling a lake with an eye droplet...

I have tried several form tools and what you want is something bug-free and which works without that steep learning curve and without having to build up the form using bits of twigs and mouse droppings.

This tool gets a form going pretty quick, it is not so intuitive in some areas, adding menu links for instance is done the opposite way to all other components, ie. it occurs within the mailforms component and not in the joomla menu tool (why?). However, that issue aside, it is easy to build a simple form and the result works straight away. It also looks good on the page. The advertising is discrete and can be got rid of with some cash to the developer.

I'd say it was worth the money.

For complex forms with complex scripting please feel free to use facile/breeze forms. But I want a life - so I'll be using mailforms for almost all my requirements from now own.
bybeededea, October 9, 2008
This is an interesting module, with good functionality but not for the faint-hearted. It requires some code changes to a core Joomla script. Easy enough to do but perhaps not for a naive user that wants an application to just work...

Once configured there is some simple scripting to do to implement the rules. You will however need to be able to understand very basic or simple PHP scripts but that is all.

It is powerful too being able to display any module in many different conditions.

Not perfect however, it still takes up module space even if the target module is not being shown. On my template it left a white space 'hole' in the middle of the page in the area that I was trying to make invisible according to my rules. Not for me in this case but I can think of many instances when this module would be very useful.

Owner's reply

Hi Beededea, thanks for the review. There are just a few points I'd like to pick up on:
1 - yes, there's a patch you can make to a core Joomla script to make a list of modules and their IDs show up when you are editing the module, but it's not compulsory. And, it's only for the Joomla 1.0.x version of MetaMod -- the Joomla 1.5 version doesn't need it.
2 - yes, the ability to do some simple scripting is a bonus. There are some simple operations you can do without any scripting at all (GeoIP country selection and time/date limits on module display). There's also an increasing number of PHP recipes on the home page that need only minimal customisation in order to use them. When I get an enquiry from someone about how to do a particular task I usually add a new recipe to the list.
3 - module space when the target module isn't showing... sigh... this certainly can be a pain. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn't, depending on the template. Thankfully there are a number of ways to tackle this, but it often depends on the template and CSS that you are using. One quick thing to try if this is happening to you is to add a "module suffix" to the MetaMod instance you are working on. Often, a random suffix added here fools the CSS into not allocating extra space for the missing module. This can also sometimes help if the included module isn't getting its CSS styling right - work with the module suffix for MetaMod, the module suffix for the included module, and the "style for included modules" in MetaMod to find a combination that works.
Sometimes though, if your template makes design decisions about whether to make space for a module position depending on whether there are any active modules in that position, MetaMod fools it into making space, when it really shouldn't (cos MetaMod will later decide not to put anything in there). In that case you need to do some work on the template. As a last resort, of course, you can always get MetaMod to put in an alternative module if it decides not to include anything else -- e.g. a nice graphic, google adwords, a link (advert) to some other page on your site, etc. Be creative! Often we forget that not everything on the site needs to be utilitarian...
beededea, if you e-mail me I'll see if it's possible to get around your spacing issues.
-- Stephen

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