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bybeemerrider, July 8, 2013
I installed and used the non commercial version for several months and liked it enough to purchase the pro version. As some users have pointed out, the ACL takes awhile to catch on as how to implement so that some project are more open to users than others. Once mastered it is very powerful, just not easy to learn. The rest of the component is awesome, the reason for the 5 star rating. Everything else works so easy and is so logical that it more than makes up for the difficult ACL. I've used commercial websites paying monthly fees, dedicated systems in-house and though many had more features, non were as easy to use. And I've found if it isn't easy to use, it does't get used. ProjectFork really made a huge leap once I paid for the pro version. The template and gnat charts were worth the price of admission. The template made specially for this extension immediately made the layout and presentation far better than using any other template. I see this as a positive, others may see it as a negative if they are trying to integrate with another template. The template provided with the pro version turns it into looking like a high end dedicated project management system. Not just a Joomla extension. 100% bug free for the first three months of use. I'm not sure what other users are running into reporting bugs, maybe a different version or conflicts with other extensions, not sure. But my setup runs flawless and we use the file repository way more than I envisioned we would. Great product.
Alter Reports
Of all the extensions I've used over the years to display data from form submissions or anything else I wanted to present in a spreadsheet like format, this is the best by a long ways. Extremely flexible in presentation, layout and filtering of the data. So much control at any level, from the entire report down to just one column of information. The control of the presentation for both front end and backend has a great hierarchy that is easy to comprehend and implement. The support is at the very top of my list of developers, I can count on one hand the extension developers that are of this quality.

This is a bit embarrassing, but I didn't know there was a manual for the product until about my third inquiry into how to do something. And with this extremely robust extension I was still able to figure out almost everything I wanted to do without a manual. Now that I have a manual, I'm really going to have fun.

One last thing, the more you know about MySQL queries, the more you will be able to do with this program. You at least need to know how to make a simple SELECT, FROM, WHERE statement. If that doesn't mean anything to you, you will need to get a less robust extension for displaying your data.
bybeemerrider, May 9, 2013
I cannot say enough good things about this component. A ton of plug-in and modules for presenting the blog content in anyway you need to. Super support above and beyond anything you would reasonably expect. Very flexible layout with templates and selectable features. Integrates with many other Joomla components. Give it a try, it is my default blog on just about all my sites. Clients who want to use WordPress for their blog I point in this direction as a better alternative.
bybeemerrider, July 12, 2012
I've used RS Firewall for several years now and every time I wish it could do something that is doesn't. It magically appears in one of the next updates. May take a few updates, but it happens pretty quick. There is so much power and ease of use for such a complex component that I'm always finding something new on every site I install it on. I'm so happy you can buy an unlimited site license at a reasonable price. I install it on every site I build. The best new features to come along, that other reviews mentioned it lacked is the ability to block an IP address after X amount of failed attempts. This is selectable for front or backend access. No more 400 emails in my inbox from a hacker attempting to gain access to the backend of one of my customers sites. Keep up the great work.
bybeemerrider, February 16, 2012
RSform Pro
I've used a lot of form builders over the years for Joomla and I've settled on this one for all of the sites I develop now. I haven't used another one in over a year. This extension is by far the easiest to use to build a form that is more than just a contact form. I've used it for six page job applications and it just works. It is very quick to use, one of my favorite things about it, how fast I can build a form with validation, even build mini shopping carts with it. My only wish is to have the ability to be able to have two columns for one part of the form and one column for other parts of the form, without hand coding the html. I have only had to use support for this product once, it was a simple answer to what I thought was a difficult question. The response was quick and accurate. So I can't tell you how good support would be for a more complex problem. I definitely would give this extension a try if you need to build a form.
bybeemerrider, February 20, 2011
I've used all the major shopping carts for Joomla and this is the best by far.I cannot believe that anybody with medium Joomla experience cannot get a product to show as some have said in their reviews.It's as simple as choosing a menu item under Hikashop. That aside, the product seems like it does not have enough power at first glance, but the more I've used it, the more control I find and it is easy to implement. Now I'm finding everything I need to do without a huge amount of menus as some competitors have. All the needs for a product are situated within one dialog box that has separate areas for each item, like options, separate descriptions and photos for each option, etc. Check out flow is extremely flexible, very cool feature. The one area the still needs better support is the current list of payment gateways that are supported, the list is fairly short. Speaking of support, their support is top notch.
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Thank you for your review.
We are currently working on adding payment methods to HikaShop and you should see additional ones in the next few months.

bybeemerrider, February 4, 2011
sp accordion
Works on 1.6! Thanks so much for making a great product and having it 1.6 compatible. I'm building a live site in 1.6 and the extension selection has been very limited.

The above comments are a big bonus for this project. But the module installs and works extremely easy and the presentation on the front end is awesome. Looks like a designer had a hand in the coding, refreshing to see. Keep up the good work. I would pay for this extension, so being free is another big bonus. Thanks so much for the development time you put into it.
bybeemerrider, January 13, 2011
This shopping cart has so much control, it can seem overwhelming at times. But because of the excellent layout of the menus and sub menus, I can generally find what I'm looking for. The templating system for customizing the layout is first rate. Easy to use and understand for intermediate and advanced users. I'm not sure that a beginner level user should be attempting to build a shopping cart themselves to begin with, unless it was a very limited cart with few features. And if it is, this is probably not the best extension for them. I have had a few problems with the extension. Installation required modifying my PHP configuration on my server, even that didn't resolve the problem, so I uploaded the install file to the tmp directory to install, solved the problem. A few bugs here and there, but with the constant development of the extension from the developers, subsequent releases have squashed any bugs I had. Support has been prompt and efficient, with a little attitude thrown in I could do without, but never the less all my questions get answered promptly. If the support seemed a little more friendly and the product wasn't so much of a work in progress I would give it five stars. With that said, it still beats out any competition out there for Joomla hands down in my opinion. So if you want to build a shopping cart in a Joomla site and you need flexibility and power, this is the best choice.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the very balanced view on redSHOP.

You are without a doubt straight on in your comments and a big part of the coming redSHOP 1.1 is precisely working on making things even more userfriendly for non-professionels or beginners.

This will be through an updated and much more simple configuration and a new wizard so you can set up your first redSHOP in a very limited time - also we have all new labels and tool tips for the entire configuration :)

These steps we hope will be it even easier for new users to get started on redSHOP - but no doubt redSHOP is meant to be a powertool of a webshop component where you actually got the freedom do change just about anything in the component and with great freedom comes some learning :)

bybeemerrider, February 19, 2009
Phoca Download
This download component was very easy to install. And the best part I was able to use it right away without any instructions or additional setup. Nice interface both on the end user side and the admin side. Easy to make your directory structure as you upload your files, all within one dialog box. Takes the least amount of steps to use on either side of you site compared to anything else I've used.