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Hi, we bought this extension believing that it would help us with project management.

Unfortunately there is only 1 person that supports this project.

There is no user forum where people can help each other.

There is never an answer when I call their numbers.

Because of poor support from the developers our customer service has suffered and we, at this time do not recommend this extension especially to pay for it.

Owner's reply

Unfortunately this user chose not to communicate via standard business hours as requested. Still, we provided timely responses to all emails and voicemails. Carlos did not read the user manual and struggled to find the help website listed here on the JED as well as on our top level menu.

After several unsuccessful after-hours, weekend calls went unanswered Carlos sent an abrasive and profanity filled email. Still, in spite of that we offered email support in order to continue to offer above average support. However, we think it's not too much to ask that we be treated with respect and common courtesy in return.

When Carlos continued to struggle with understanding how to setup his site we attempted to arrange a one-on-one meeting to assist him. He was told that if, after that meeting, he still was dissatisfied with the product or our service we would break our terms and conditions and offer him a full refund.

Instead of a response he posted a bad review here instead. We regret that we could not live up to his expectations and hope that this response will help to clarify the situation behind this negative review. Our goal is that every client be satisfied with this product that we've spent so long developing and more than happy with the support we provide. And if not then we will certainly do everything we can to fix it. If there are other questions you might have prior to purchasing please don't hesitate to contact us and then decide if JForce is the right product for you.