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byben341, September 25, 2007
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I am frustrated with this component. On the surface it appears very good, however, basic functionality does not appear to work, and as they require payment for support I am unable to find out why things don't appear to work as they should, without paying and possibly finding out that it isn't possible.

For example, I would consider table sorting to be a basic functionality of any application. However sorting doesn't seem to work, it takes no notice of what sorting method I apply. Also, as there is no documentation and their FAQ section is poor, I don't even know where to begin to look for the code to change manually. I am not a complete novice with joomla, PHP & mySQL.

So the dilemma is, if I pay, I have no protection against being informed that what I require is not possible. The amount of money is not a lot, but if you were to pay £20 for everything you tested, wasn't suitable and didn't use, you wouldn't have much left over for anything else.
byben341, August 22, 2007
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
I'm still on 3.24 and I did have to do some extensive customisation of layout which is why i'm hesitant to upgrade, however the component has done it's job and once training was given to my user's of one of my clients that required such a solution for quality control of templates it works well.

The resetting of download count upon edit is a pain, although I don't know whether this has been changed.

The possibility for integrated groups would be very useful indeed, and even turn this product into something well worth paying for for larger businesses with multiple teams.

Another change I would like is the ability to customise which fields are to be shown from the admin panel, as this is one thing I had to manually customise (although it wasn't difficult!).

So thanks, this is a good component and does its job well, and it fits in well into a professional intranet.

Owner's reply

I hope you're not really running Remository 3.24. It has a security vulnerability, and should be upgraded to version 3.26 to avoid being hacked. There are plenty of bots trawling the web for vulnerable sites.

Best regards, Martin Brampton