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bybenbear, July 1, 2013
Vehicle Management Component (VEMACO)
This is an out of the box working solution. That just keeps getting better. I have dealt with very few developers who deliver the standard of support that Stefan and Dirk provide. Support aside the product is simple yet powerful enough to allow you maintain a vehicle sales site.
bybenbear, March 25, 2013
Dreamwork Gallery
What an absolute breeze this extension is to use. I have tried other extensions and found that the documentation was lame or difficult to follow but this extension really doesn't require to read the documentation for it to work. Simple create category, upload photo to category publish module using the category ID. Sure for the tweaks you might want to read the docs but for me no real tweaks were needed. Worked straight up. Really simple but super effective. Well Done!
bybenbear, May 18, 2010
Edocs - Embed Documents
From what most people are saying this is a good product. Unfortunately all I get is unable to retrieve document for viewing. I have checked and triple checked my paths etc and no joy. I have spent 4 hours trying to get it to work, reading through the owners website troubleshooting etc but nothing really in the way of solutions is evident or documented as far as I can see there are references to it but no solutions or at least the odd 1 does not fix my situation. As I said it could be something on my end so I won't criticise this component as that would not be fair.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that you can't make edocs work for. If you want, there's the project page where we can support you to make this plugin work. So ask us:

bybenbear, May 21, 2009
Great extension - for the most part very easy to use if I had to critisise the lack of being able to easily mod or change the contact enquiry form when someone clicks on an ad is annoying and the support forum is certainly not quickly forthcoming with solutions. Having said that I don't believe anyone can be too critical of something that the developer has obviously put a lot of time into and is subsequently free. All in all Great Effort!