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bybenmc, August 17, 2012
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
Just received a contact from one of the websites I have this installed on and it prompted me to come by and say that this contact form is awesome. Easy to configure (both floating or static) and it just works really well. If you are on the fence, this one will not disappoint. Thanks for the great module.
bybenmc, August 4, 2012
Jacarlin Checkin Items Frontend
Exactly what I needed. Installed fine and it does what it says it will do. Thanks for this.
bybenmc, March 20, 2012
Have the pro version installed on 5 sites (will be 6 as I'm buying one more today) and the free running on several others. The developer has definitely put out a great product. Thanks!
bybenmc, June 10, 2011
Admin Bar Unlocker
This one is definitely a must have and is a standard part of my default setup on every site I build. Thanks for the great add-on.
Profile Pro for Community Builder
Don't be afraid to try Community Builder Profile Pro, but don't go in expecting it to magically give you the profile you want without addressing some funny quirks as well as requiring some design work and and a bit of HTML.

So here's how it basically works.

install all parts (very simple), create a new profile, and then...

well it is the design that took me the most time, as seems to be the same for many users.

There is a WYSISYG editor and you can create up to 7 pages of profile in each, but only a single registration and profile edit page per profile. For the most part, the process is straight forward, but there are some funny things that will catch you up like the fact that on profile edit pages you can not just insert an entire CB tab, you need to work only with individual CB fields and design your own tab content using the Java script tabs offered; this raises alignment issues with labels and fields unless you use DIV or Tables to make it pretty.

Also, the included js tabs feature as currently designed is not compatible with IE8. The rounded corners of the tabs create a bunch of Internet Explorer pop-up errors. There are a few simple workarounds like removing curycorners from the js library or removing the corners data from the css file.

In the end, this product basically does what it says and I did recieve a quick response to my forum post on their site to address issues raised.

However, here is a quote from the developer in the thread regarding the IE issue:

"This javascript tabs feature is not main purpose of CB Profile Pro, that is rather an additional feature. Also this bug is a IE bug, but not a CB Profile Pro reason (in all other browsers there is no such a problem). Thus this bug is not critical and it will be fixed in usual order with the next release.
The ETA is not exact and be delayed."

Ok, fine, but I think everyone should be aware that this is not perfect out of the box and to just point the finger at IE is pretty disheartening. Everyone knows it is a problematic browser, but for a commercial extension developer to say: not my problem, even though I offer a feature, because it is not the primary feature, it is not important to address something that affects a huge base of most sites users.

Ok, that's what I have to say, so go in with your eyes open because the necessary design work for great profiles is definitely a time eater and it does not work out of the box in IE.

Currently costs 19.90 Euros.
Didn't realize how handy all of the functionality this extension brings in an easy to deal with package.
The Facebook only login is great and everything integrates easily (Currently using CB 1.2.3 and Kunena 1.6 RC2). Oh and by the way, the support is worth the $50 alone. The forum is not huge, but it does have plenty of answers and this team will typically go into your site and correct the issue rather than only posting possible code fixes (don't get me wrong, I can edit code without issue, but how nice to have it done by its creator within a few hours of the request).
If you are on the fence, checkout the support forum and just look at the consistency of resolution alone from this developer and you will likely see that you are paying very little for so much more than just this great extension.