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I have tried a few payment plans, and many of them are fine until you want to customize them and move outside a simple website subscription model.

Payplans is easy to customize heavily, both visually and in terms of function (I have adapted it to implement a completely different business model). What sets it apart is the excellent support, responding too complex queries with detailed meaningful answers within 24 hours.

The documentation and tutorial videos is a bit hit and miss, while much is covered, it can be hard to find exactly what your looking for, and some things are a little cryptic, requiring experimentation, but overall the learning curve is easy, and the support rapidly resolves any confusion.

If you need to customize your payment solution, I would recommend you give payplans serious consideration, it could save you a lot of frustration.
Owner's reply

Hello Ben,

Thank You very much for your kind review and appreciation.

Working out your business model was unique for us. We enjoyed every bit of it while helping you.

We are grateful to you for reaching out to us and considering PayPlans suitable for your needs. Your scenarios has definitely added value as well as a new dimension to PayPlans usage, we thank you for that.

As for the Documentations we are developing new efficient ways for easy understanding and searching. But, to be honest with you it will take us some time to get each and every piece of the help file updated.

Thanks for your Support
Team Ready Bytes

bybentwonk, July 26, 2013
Remote & Local Image Manager
After installing (20 second job) I received this feedback from a non-techie content editor:

"The new image editor is a joy :)

It even automatically uses the image name as the alt text.

And returns to the last directory you were in.

And lots of other cool stuff.

Many many thanks for this!"
bybentwonk, July 18, 2013
AJAX Register
I was looking for a way to simplify and take some of the pain out of the standard Joomla registration process, and did not want to use pop ups. After trying a few, this extension is exactly what I was looking for.

Works right away and is easy to configure, the documentation is a little light, but since its pretty intuitive thats not a real problem.
bybentwonk, October 20, 2011
I chose it based on the powerful feature set, and strong SEO / social (facebook, twiter, linked-in, etc) integration.

Upon purchase I discovered it is was also:

Very easy to get up and running.
Intuitive enough for non techies to use without training (I can't keep them off it).
Pretty, a number of good looking templates were available.

...and that was before we talk about support, if your site is anything like mine you will have a number of 3rd party extensions running, and reality is when you want to seamlessly integrate a major component such as a blog not all these disparate parts will play nicely together. I had a few teething issues, nothing major, but small things that annoyed me (even though the public may not notice), the Easyblog team could not have been more helpful or responsive, in a matter of an hour or so, all my issues were satisfactorily addressed, even if the cause of some of them did not lie with Easyblog, I have paid a lot more for much worse customer service. For this reason alone, if your serious about your website, Easyblog really is an excellent choice.