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byberner, August 6, 2013
I purchased this extension about a year ago. At the start of my usage I found numerous bugs, reported them and was assured that they would be fixed "in the next release". Here it is, now a year later, still no bug fixes. I have not even received a response to my tickets on their site in over 9 months!

When a "Commercial" extension is paid for, it's usually for support and bug fixes. These guys do not care about their products, customers or reputation.

I would NOT recommend purchasing anything they claim to provide.

Expect disappointment and a large amount of wasted time only to end up with a less then mediocre ticket system in the end.

Try something else, there are plenty of worthy (supported) products out there.
byberner, August 13, 2010
Account Expiration Control
I've been using AEC since 2007 and it has always done what I needed it to do.

I recently resubscribed to get the latest version for a new site and was a bit disappointed with the way support was. However, with their new support options I've been very happy. David worked directly with me to resolve the few issues I had and everything seems to be good to go now.

I've recommended AEC to many people in the past and I'm happy still to give that recommendation.

However, if you are not savvy with AEC/Joomla, I'd highly recommend taking them up on their support options.