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bybertm, January 27, 2012
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Works great with all versions of J1.7. Tested on WAMP and LAMP. Also tested it on WAMP with the production release of J2.5 and so far its great. Thanks to the developer for this fantastic extension!
bybertm, August 11, 2010
JE Story submit
Totally Customizable! Conquered many problems with this extension. I needed a submit system that was flexible and configurable, and still simple enough to modify (with my limited programming skills) so that it would work closely with CB and with a separate "reccommend this article" extension.

JE Story Submit filled the bill perfectly. Now I have hundreds of users submitting their stories and referring their friends to the site.

I contacted the developer for some quick assistance, and was satisfied instantly. Great job to the team at "JoomlaExtensions"

Since I depend on this software so much, allow me to offer an idea for further enhancement. What about moving the configuration options to the menu assignment instead of the component. This way it will be easier to create many different submit links for different sections/categories, with different admin emails and user messages.

again, Two Thumbs Up!
bybertm, April 14, 2009
Had some troubles with Phoca SEF. Backend was scrambled so I couldn't get anywhere. Installed this and 2 minutes later my problems were solved. With SEF tuned on, URL maintenance can be a headache. If you need to change a menu alias, this will allow you to solve the problem immediately. Will make this standard on all my builds.
bybertm, September 26, 2008
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A fantastic component. Solid, fast, flexible, great admin features. The true beauty of this component is discovered when you start to play with the templates and tweak them to create a completely original front end look and feel. Developers are consistently moving forward, adding features, fixing bugs. I have used RSgallery2 on many sites.
bybertm, December 6, 2006
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Simple Image Gallery
This is a total snap to install, and use, and looks great.

I get an error on each page that reads "Notice: Undefined offset: 15 in .../plugin_jw_sig.php on line 59." How can I make that go away?

I have image sizes and aspect ratios that are not uniform. Sometimes the thumbnail does not fit in the shadow box for which it is intended (additional white space shows up between the right edge of thumbnail and the shadow box). I get better results when I resixe the original image to an even multiple of the target thumbnail width. Is there a better solution?

If a thumbnail is shorter (vertically) than the one next to it, S.I.G. drops in another thumbnail below it in the same row. Great idea, but a problem can/does show up because this is a progessive feature. At the end of a row (on the right), the stack can grow up to 3-5 thumbnails high with TONS of white space left under the first thumbnails on the left.

Perhaps a solution would be to track the height of the tallest individual thumbnail in the row, and double up below short thumbnails only if there is room for it (without increasing the min row height required for the tallest individual thumbnail).

Great work. Wish I was a programmer so I could help out.

Owner's reply

All you have to do to solve these issues is donwload the latest 1.1 released. It fixes all the things you mention.