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bybettyf, March 29, 2008
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This software is not worth installing. It does a good job, apparently, but all trouble it brings with it makes it not worth it.

If you're looking for something to boost your Google ranking stay away from this.

At first I was happy, thinking that my visits at Google Analytics were going down just because of the change. Than I decided to buy and install Joomla Tags with it. Well, for the tags to work it was necessary to disable the JoomSEF. Joomla Tags is also another terrible software with an even more terrible support, and worse: you have to pay for the software.

Then I looked up for support at Artio's page and voilá: nobody answers.

In the support forum I found a way to remove the spam, a tip another user. However, spam is really bad for your SEO, it comes in the tags. It's something the Google bot sees and you can only see it in the code (see source code of you page in the browser and you will find links to a hotel in Prague!).

Then I noticed how many duplicates of the same page Joomsef generates. It's a disaster, because visits go to different URLs for the same page, so you'll naver know the real number. It also scrambled my static links to the inside pages, awful!!!!!!

Don't use this, find another software.

Bad support (I'd say actually NO SUPPORT AT ALL), and if you are putting this to improve your ranking at Google than just stay away because it does exactly the opposite.
Owner's reply

Hello, I think you got that a bit wrong.

As regards duplicates, you can eliminate them quite easily with correct settings and a resonable way to create a content of your site. You can find more information about that in documentation.

As regards the so-called "spam links", those are just generated in meta tag "generator" so that does not really affect Google as you say.

I think your rating dropped just because you did not set the configuration right.

As regards support, did you pay for it Or do you expect to get just all for free? The component plus support? If so, then we are really sorry, but we have to make our living out of something, so we primarily support paying customers.