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bybeyondWEB, April 4, 2012
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Youtube Gallery
It really is a breath of fresh air to come across this extension after going through countless others that simply try to do too much, when all I want to do is embed some YouTube videos/channels/playlists with minimal manual labour.

It would be even more awesome if it had a categories view, but I can always add that in myself.

Keep up the good work!
bybeyondWEB, March 14, 2012
Blank Module
It does what it says, sure, but not nearly as well as it should.

Besides from the messy and verbose coding, the module parameters are not done well at all. You have to select an ID number from a finite list for each module you add, and if you don't, the IDs will clash in your code. The module suffix parameter just doesn't do anything, for some reason random tags are added to the output... it should have been called the Almost Blank Module.

The scary part is this is the best custom code module that I can find on the JED...
Owner's reply

There are many things in life that are scary. Slightly long code isn't one of them.

You mention the module class suffix , not all templates allow this to work in all positions.
Otherwise this feature works fine. In situations where it doesn't work you can use the ID numbering.(A feature you seemed not to like)

As for the "random tags", templates often encase modules in their own code and this can give the appearance of the randomness you mention. But it doesn't come from this module.

This module may have more code than others but it also does more. It also produces standards compliant output.

Now I have to go and look at my scary credit card statements.