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bybeyondthenet, May 23, 2014
We build Joomla sites for a living and have used every Joomla cart available. We have use Rokquickcart many times in the past but there were usually small issues that we could eventually sort out.

I just installed it on a new site and found ZERO issues. It is beautiful, responsive, and the easiest Joomla cart if you just need a Paypal or Google checkout.

I added 9 products and made the cart fully functional in 30 minutes.

Not one tweak necessary!
bybeyondthenet, December 24, 2013
Email as Username
I've tried/paid for many login options.

This one works and is not buggy like so many others.
bybeyondthenet, June 22, 2012
This software is great and so is the support.

My clients are very happy with this software as it is very easy to use and actually makes blogging simple and intuitive.
bybeyondthenet, March 1, 2012
Virtuemart Products Ajax Search
Search was very easy to install. With the developer's quick support he helped match the CSS!
bybeyondthenet, December 6, 2011
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Sobipro cannot handle 1100 entries (60 categories). We have the site on a good (not busy) server but because Sobipro is a resource hog the site is very slow and often crashes. When you click "All Entries" on the admin area all browsers crash. Sobipro acknowledges this is a bug but offers no help, even though I paid for support. Thus, there is no easy way to view the latest new entry!

The support person said that I should re-arrange the directory with fewer categories. I should not have to tell my client that 60 categories is too many!

According to two programmers that helped me, the earlier version (Sobi2) did not have these issues. It seems that the 'new' Sobipro is fundamentally flawed and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to handle large databases.
Owner's reply

This review needs some corrections and clarifications:
The author of the review is not very truthful about the number of categories and entries. Actually his site has more than 500 main! categories and not only 60. He wrote in our forum "..we have more than 400 categories and nearly 2000 entries..". And as these are all main categories, we gave him the helpful advice to re-structure his categories to make his site more user friendly.
Yes, there is a problem with the speed in the 'All Entries' screen in administration area. We are working on a solution. Unfortunately it needs some major changes and cannot be done within a few days. We gave him a workaround until the problem is solved. So it is simply not true that we 'offer no help'. On the contrary.
SobiPro is able to handle large directories. The author of the review himself confirms that the speed problem is only in the 'All Entries' screen in back-end.

bybeyondthenet, September 6, 2011
Constant Contact CB Integration
I scoured the net for this; tried others but all failed except this one.

The developer, Bob, was amazing in his support as he helped with an install issue which turned out that my Constant Contact password was being rejected! (not his fault but he helped anyway)
bybeyondthenet, January 25, 2010
I tried all the 'best reviewed' but found this to be the best.

BreezingForms was initially frustrating (and I've been creating forms for many years) and I was about to give up, but I was frustrated even more with the other forms so I persisted with Breezing and am glad I did. It now easily does what I want (I only use the Quickmode, I'm not sure about the other modes).

I would not have made this breakthrough without sending questions to Markus.