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bybezworks, April 13, 2011
Simple Picture Slideshow
If you need a quick and easy solution that can be easily styled, then this is what you need!
bybezworks, April 2, 2011
This extension is worth every penny! It is easy to use right out of the box and takes my site to the next level! I highly recommend it!
bybezworks, September 25, 2009
AutoTweet NG
This thing is a time-saver! With each article we posted on our site, a tweet had to be sent. Now we don't have to do this any longer! I highly recommend this!!!
bybezworks, February 10, 2009
This is a great plugin. We have a lot of content on our site and having to add meta info for each article would be a chore. This does all of the work for you!

I had to edit the SEOGenerator.php file though, because I didn't want certain info showing in the description. There should be a blacklist option for description as well, like their is for keywords.

Still a great extension though!

Thanks again!
bybezworks, January 3, 2009
Deluxe News Basic
My enthusiasm would probably have you to think that I was asked or paid to make the following comments, but I don't even know these guys! LOL! But I've got to tell you, as a web designer, I can create some very, very advanced web layouts. And in such cases, I REALLY need something that doesn't box me into a pre-defined module wrapper. I've had to hack and customize many modules to fit the look and feel of my sites. With this one???? AN ANSWER TO PRAYER! LOL! With the JXTC Deluxe News Module (rightly named "deluxe") I have endless possibilities that are SIMPLE and EASY to use! Man! I just ran across this tonight and I'm ALREADY cooking with grease! Thank you JoomlaXTC team! Y'all rock!
bybezworks, July 10, 2008
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VirtueMart has revolutionaized my web development arsenal tremendously (along with Joomla, of course)! I can't imagine putting together anything less than VM. It's absolutely free!!!!!!!! You can't beat that. Not only is it free, but I know NO OTHER shopping cart extension for Joomla that can top it - not even the commercial ones!

I'm THOROUGHLY impressed with this extension!


Great job!
bybezworks, July 7, 2008
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RSform Pro
I've only tested it this a little bit, but it was certainly enough to cause me to purchase the PRO version! This is just what I need for client website! Very easy, yet as advanced as you'd need it to be and more.