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bybfroehler, September 4, 2012
Login Failed Log
This little tool keeps you updated about failed login attempts on your site! When you're plagued by folks trying to hack your site, or want to help people failing to login to your site, this is the plugin you need!

As far as I noticed, for every failed login attempt a notification is sent out - and that fact is also maybe the one thing where I could think of a small improvement: Maybe after a few notifications from the same IP/login the administrator already knows that something is going on, and is doing something to prevent the attack from continuing; so the plugin in my eyes should stop sending out notifications after a few attempts (or the administrator will have to possibly handle hundreds of notifications in his inbox after the attack).

Apart from that, really a cool extension, and the up-side of getting notifications for all login attempts is that you get a full log for every failed attempt (including the clear-text password, IP-Address, the error message, the exact time, and whether the attempt occured in Frontend or in Backend)!
bybfroehler, May 17, 2011
Phoca Gallery
This component provides a great photo gallery; so far I have "only" used it as a normal photo gallery, for this it works great under Joomla 1.5 as well as under 1.6. I haven't yet tried all features (it provides picasa integration from what I saw!), but the ones I used worked well AND looked well.
The only minor drawback it has in my eyes (but that probably comes with the sheer amount of functionality it provides) is that configuring it is rather complicated (you'll have to take some time to get it right); especially when frontend user upload is concerned. But once everything is configured right, it runs smoothly and can be tailored to your every needs.