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bybgdaddy55, August 31, 2013
Web Fonts
It's a great idea on paper, but it doesn't support 3.x Joomla and when you go to the website, they make a big deal about saying they will NOT support it and they will ignore your emails. I'm really bummed. It seems like it could really be one of my all time favorite plugins.
Owner's reply

You make a good point: the extension is provided *free-of-charge*, but no support is offered. We would love to provide support, but don't currently have the resources to do so. If you require support: please don't download it.

Content Uploader Pro
This plugin let me upload complicated spreadsheets into my joomla articles and saved me thousands of dollars in data entry.

Peter was so awesome with support. Way above and beyond the support threshold.

Thanks to these guys!! WOO HOO!
bybgdaddy55, March 30, 2011
Emails for VirtueMart
Great customer service and support. These guys are working hard to create good stuff and support it. I have a pretty intense system and this component sends out really customizable emails.

I had a little bit of custom work and they did it for me without any charge. Pretty amazing! Thanks InteraMind!
bybgdaddy55, August 18, 2009
KA Facebook Like Box
I really liked this extension, but it looks a little awkward. You can adjust the size with CSS, which is nice, but when you do that, you need to adjust the amount of people who are fans, etc. If you have it in left position of content, it would probably work great. If you want it in the right position or another place that is smaller confined, then it probably will not look that great. Nice job!