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bybhcrow, January 7, 2010
Mini FrontPage
really nice module, thx for this.

Few suggestions (processing images really could be better):
- make thumb of first image (not last)
- support two words file name images (for example: picture with name: joomla logo.jpg will not be processed.
- i think that bmp extensions is not supported
- if you add really big image (file size over 3mb) your site is down and you cant open site except you remove that image from article
- you could add image cropping when making thumbnails, so every thumb would be same size (like in smartresize plugin)
bybhcrow, January 7, 2010
this is really one of a kind plugin, thx
but it can be even better if you add:

- separate folder for thumbnails
- options to choose different popups for showing full size image (slimbox, lightbox, etc...)
Owner's reply

New version 1.10 can store images in a separate folder (cache folder)