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bybheffron, September 1, 2011
I haven't been able to get this to work right since day one. Since my first install the component has thrown error after error trying to get facebook updates to display to no avail.

Tried to get a fix using Joomlashack's "forum" (before my 6th month subscription ran out...stupid) and all I got, in so many words, was "it's a problem with facebook's api, nothing we can do about it"

Well guess what, don't release a component, ESPECIALLY a PAID one if you can't support it. Don't advertise it to do something if it can't.

I really expected more out of Joomlashack. This was my first purchase from them and I am let down. The 6th month "support" subscription shows poor service and just makes them sound greedy, and on top of it even when my subscription was up to date, the site was clunky and cumbersome.

I'll be moving on, unfortunately.
Owner's reply

It's a fact that Facebook update's their API on occasion, however, it's also a fact that whenever they do we are sure to update Lifestream to work with it. If you were given information that Lifestream was not working with Facebook because of API issues, it was simply to let you know that there was a temporary issue until the extension could be updated.

As for 'poor service' - a support 'subscription' is not at all uncommon in the Open Source world. Please have a look around at other extension providers and you will see that many do the same. There is nothing at all 'greedy' about needing to pay for development time to update extensions, especially in light of the need to make updates to ensure an extension that works with 3rd party services works when those services make changes.